[Free consultation on employment adjustment subsidies]

For companies in Katsushika City, the social insurance labor consultant will provide free consultation on matters such as employment adjustment subsidies, work rules, and personnel/labor consultation.

<Consultation content>

    ・Details of employment adjustment subsidies implemented by the government, requirements for receiving benefits, how to write application forms, etc.
    ・Consultation regarding work rules, personnel/labor affairs etc.

*Advance reservation by phone is required for consultation.

<Target users>

    Businesses with business establishments in Katsushika City


    Work discovery plaza Katsushika 7-2-1 Aoto, Katsushika-ku Techno Plaza Katsushika the first floor Telephone: 03-5680-8765
    (Reception time)
    Weekdays / 10am to 7pm 1st and 3rd Saturday / 10am to 5pm

Please see the Katsushika City website for details.