[Public information Katsushika June 15 issue]

The first page of the June 15 issue is the "Tokyo Governor Election."
[Date] July 5th (Sunday) 7am-8pm

    ●About measures to prevent new coronavirus infection●
    We are taking measures so that voters can come to the polling place with peace of mind. Polling stations may be crowded on election day. Please use the early voting starting from June 19th (Friday) to avoid crowding people.

To voters

Request for cooperation in infection prevention measures

    ▽Wearing a mask, coughing etiquette, washing hands before and after the visit
    ▽Keeping distance from others
    ▽You can fill in by bringing a pencil or mechanical pencil

The "election notice" will be sent from June 18th (Thursday) for all members of the household. When voting, please check the polling place and bring your "election notice".

Featured in this issue:

    Eight "Katsushika City authorized product sale Katsushika Mirai terrace"
    This is a sales gathering of certified industrial, commercial, traditional industry, and agricultural products that have been created with various ideas and enthusiasm. Experience-based events will also be held (charged).

      [Date and time] Sunday, June 28, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
      [Venue] Techno Plaza Katsushika (Aoto 7-2-1)

For details, please see the "Public Relations Katsushika June 15 issue" .