[“Katsushika Mirai Terrace” will be held on June 28th!!]

"Made in Katsushika" exhibition sale event! !!
[Katsushika City authorized product sales event ~ Katsushika Mirai Terrace ~ held! ]

On Sunday, June 28th, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, at the Techno Plaza Katsushika, a sales event that gathers together products certified by the ward "Katsushika Ward Certified Product Sales Association-Katsushika Mirai Terrace- "It will be held.

    In addition to selling town factory products, traditional crafts, Western confectionery, Japanese sweets, bread, prepared foods, vegetables from Katsushika City, experience making traditional crafts that children and adults can enjoy, manufacturing classes using town factory products We also hold events. Also, those who participate in shopping or experience events over 500 yen can participate in the lottery to win a wonderful prize. Some of the free gifts are amazing, so please join us.


≪Request to customers who visit us≫

    ・Please cooperate in wearing a mask and disinfecting your fingers at the entrance of the venue.
    ・If you have a fever, please refrain from visiting.
    ・Please be aware that admission may be restricted.

▶ " 15th Katsushika City authorized product sales event Katsushika Mirai Terrace "