[Terumi Yoshida becomes the PR ambassador for Katsushika Food Festa 2020! ]

The largest gourmet event in Katsushika-ku history, Katsushika Food Festa , will be held on November 21st (Sat) and 22nd (Sun) this year after taking measures to prevent new coronavirus infection.

Terumi Yoshida , a Katsushika City ambassador from Katsushika City, has been appointed as the 7th PR Ambassador of the Food Festa!


Terumi Yoshida commented on her enthusiasm for becoming a PR ambassador. “I was involved in food festivals at the stage event last year, but I realized the high level of interest in food among the residents of the ward. "I want to convey the goodness of the product"!
The 4th generation PR ambassador, Wadaiko Group Aya, also rushed to support, saying "I want to liven up the food festival together".

    Mr. Yoshida, please promote the Food Festa.

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