[Published the public information Katsushika July 25 issue]

The first page of the July 25 issue is "Flowers for Life: Town Development with Many Flowers".
"Flower-filled activities" are spreading to decorate the town with flowers and greenery, such as the station square and the roadside.
Why don't you take a walk to see the flower beds nearby? There are many healing flower beds all over the city.

    Featured in this issue
    9 pages "New coronavirus related information"
    Information related to economic and life support is posted.
    The number of new cases of new coronavirus is increasing again in Tokyo.
    Please cooperate in hand washing, wearing a mask, and avoiding the "three secrets".
    12 pages "Let's prepare for flood damage with hazard map"
    Heavy rain, which we have never experienced before, was caused mainly in the Kyushu and Chubu regions, causing serious damage such as flooding of rivers. I do not know when the flood will occur. To protect your precious life, use the hazard map to check how to evacuate.


Public information Katsushika July 25 issue