[Public information Katsushika August 5 issue was issued]

The first side is "eco-habit to start today."
Increasing the time spent at home tends to increase household waste. A little lifestyle can lead to weight reduction.

Featured in this issue
2 to 3 pages "New Coronavirus related information"

  • (2nd side) For businesses affected by the new coronavirus infection Please use the business support telephone consultation (phone 03-3838-5570/weekdays 9am-5pm). In addition, various consultation counters are also posted.
  • (3rd page) We will introduce the 4th supplementary budget for measures against new coronavirus infections.
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    Five sides "we know and prevent heat stroke"
    This summer, we often go out with masks on, so be careful.

    12 "Katsushika Fireworks to Enjoy at Home"
    The "54th Katsushika Fireworks Festival" scheduled for October 10 has been canceled. In this issue, we will deliver photos and videos of the 53rd Katsushika summer fireworks display held in the first year of Reiwa.

    Public information Katsushika August 5 issue