[Provides extraordinary special benefits for single-parent households]

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, temporary special benefits will be provided to single-parent households in order to support such households in view of the great difficulties that have arisen due to the increased burden of raising children and decreased income. To do.

    There are [basic benefit] and [additional benefit] in benefits .

<Person who is provided>
[Basic benefits]

    (1) Those who receive child rearing allowances for June 2012, (2) Receiving public pension benefits, etc., and all payments for child rearing allowances for June June 2012 Those who have received public pension benefits, etc., and who have been applying for child support allowances, who are suspected that the payment of child support allowances for June, 2019, in full or in part, has been suspended. Is also applicable.
    (3) Those whose household income has suddenly changed due to the new coronavirus infection and whose income is at the same level as those who receive child rearing allowance

[Additional benefits]

    Of those who fall under the basic benefits (1) and (2), those who have reported that their income is decreasing due to the effect of the new coronavirus infection .
    <Payment amount> All are limited to once.
    [Basic benefit] 50,000 yen per household, 30,000 yen per person after the second child [Additional benefit] 50,000 yen per household

<How to apply>

    Since the required documents and application method differ depending on each benefit, please check the linked ward official website or contact the section in charge below.

<Application period>

    Monday, August 3, 2nd year to Sunday, February 28, 3rd year
    *Sunday, February 28, 3rd, 2019 is the scheduled date for opening the agency office on holidays.

<Planned payment date>

    [Basic benefit] (1) Applicable to late August, 2nd year of Reiwa
    Those who fall under [Basic benefits] (2), (3) and [Additional benefits] For those who meet the requirements for payment of benefits, confirm the application details and transfer to the designated account as soon as possible.


▶ <Department> Child Care Support Division Child Allowance Section 03 (5654) 8298
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