[Employment of women] Now, once (two times in total)

The Gender Equality Promotion Center will hold a gender equality course, "Women's Active Part" Now/Age (2 times). Looking back on the history of women's success from a gender perspective, we consider gender equality in a new era, Reiwa.

    1st August 30th (Sun) 1pm-3pm "Sports and Gender: "Before" and "From now on" instructor Rieko Yamaguchi (Associate Professor, Josai University)
    2nd September 22nd (Tuesday/holiday) 1pm-3pm “Japanese History and Gender: Ancient and Medieval Women”
    Lecturer Sanae Futto (Professor Emeritus, Saitama Gakuen University)

Capacity is 20 people. We are accepting electronic applications or return postcards.
Childcare 5 people (children 1 year old or older)
Free of charge. Please feel free to join us. "