[The world of unique Buddhist paintings drawn in vivid colors]

Among the traditional crafts of Katsushika Ward, we will introduce a "copper buddha painting (rot sculpture)" with a video!

It is said that Shiba Kohan, an Edo era painter, first learned the technique of engraving. Although it is called copperplate, it is a technique of Buddhist painting that paints on the copperplate itself carved as a plate, rather than copying it on paper like a so-called print.

This technique was established by Tomiji Yanagi, a traditional craftsman in Katsushika City. With the luster of copper's metal and the accurate reproduction of Buddha's color based on literature, Mr. Yanagi's work has opened up a new world of Buddhist painting that no one has seen, including the Louvre Museum in Paris Has won various awards.

In addition to this video, Mr. Yanagi's work is introduced in detail on the Katsushika City Traditional Industry Craftsmen's Association website, so please also see it!

▶ Katsushika City Traditional Industry Craftsmen Association website

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