The 3R experience enjoyed by a parent and child

The event which can be enjoyed by a parent and child in Kameari learning exchange house on February 11 (Saturday and holiday) is performed.
By all means, please come!

schoolchild limitation  Exchange meeting "or, EKKO bazaar in Kameari" holding of a toy

[The date and time]

February 11, 2017 (Saturday and holiday)
10:00-12:00 (It’s auctioned from 11:30.)
A reception is until 11:30.

[Meeting place] Kameari learning exchange house
[Target] a schoolchild.
[The contents]

the toy which wasn’t idle any more is exchanged for other toys.
When work of an ecology experience and a reception is done even if a toy won’t be brought, you can participate in an exchange of a toy.

[Belongings] the toy which wasn’t used any more (Card game kinds are removed up to 1 person and 5 points.) and the scuffs in the home

[And so on]

  • Please consult with a person in a house about the toy which will be brought.
  • Even if a toy won’t be brought, you can participate.
  • The application is unnecessary. Please come to the meeting place directly on the day.
  • Children manage our event. The guardian isn’t put in the meeting place.

clothes and the happy share-baby and maternity clothes-

It wasn’t used any more, but the baby wears and the maternity clothes I’d like to give to someone who is still put on are gathered, 1 message is put about 1 point and it’s exchanged.

[The date and time] 10:00 February 11 (Saturday and holiday) in 2017-12:00
[Meeting place] Kameari learning exchange house
[Target] the person who can bring trade-ins by residence in a ward and working or the person who cuts down childbearing
[Application method] my bag is brought and it’s to a meeting place directly.
[The trade-ins by which handling is possible]

maternity clothes and baby children’s clothing (to 120cm)
Baby child shoes (to 18cm)
It’s possible to bring bringing in into 1 person and more than 1 point (Even if there are no trade-ins, the person who cuts down childbearing can participate.) and bring it back to 5 points for 1 point. Even when there is no bringing in, it’s possible to bring 1 point home.

A hood drive is put into effect!

Do you know a hood drive? A hood drive is the activity that I gather an excess food (with the※ conditions. Mentioning) by home and contribute to a welfare group and facilities widely.
Though you can still eat, it’s put into effect for the purpose of reduction in food loss thrown away and effective utilization of an unused food. Please have a food in a meeting place by all means on the day!

[The date and time] 10:00 Saturday February 11 in 2017-12:00
[Meeting place] Kameari learning exchange house
[Cooperation group] the meeting which is 3R supporter but I overcome
[Target food]

canned food, instant retort food (except for freezing and refrigeration food), the seasoning, luxury goods, dried goods, food for infants, drink and something relevant to next all by healthy food

  • Something unopened
  • Something a use-by date (linchpin clear writing) is for more than 1 month as of February 11 (Saturday and holiday)
  • Wrapping and the exterior, something which isn’t damaged
  • The one which isn’t a food of bottling