Yoji Yamada’s birthday

Today is the birthday of director Yoji Yamada , an honorary resident of Katsushika City!

    And it is also the year of the 60th anniversary of the movie director's life ✨
    #Katsushika Shibamata or the movie #Otoko wa Tsuraiyo is the setting for the series and is Tora-san's hometown.
    We are all waiting for #Tora-san , who is still loved all over the world, to return.

#My recommendation Yoji Yamada's work

/ #Yoji Yamada's birthday commemoration 🎉 Let's talk about your favorite director Yamada's work! Today 9/13 is #Yoji Yamada's birthday 🎂 And the 60th anniversary of the movie director's life! Let's post your memorable director Yamada's work with the hashtag of [#My recommendation Yoji Yamada's work] 💬 Let's talk with everyone 🎬 https://t.co/KHSdRk9Or1