“I shine from 65 years old!”    Wouldn’t you like to participate in “movement custom promotion platinum fitness”?    ☆☆ Even together, even one person is welcomed with a married couple and a friend☆,☆.

You can use among the health spa in 9 wards and the club you wish.Improvement of physical strength can be done happily by polite guidance by an instructor!

[The contents]

A health spa can be chosen from the inside on the movement menu put into effect freely.

It becomes kind of an instructor, and the movement menu which fits you is advised.

[Target] the person who is more than 65-year-old person of residence in a ward and doesn’t get approval of linchpin support and a need of nursing care

[Cost] 6000 yen (Please pay the time of first time by a club for all 12 times.)

[Section concerned] senior citizen support Section

[Application method] please check it from following Uniform Resource Locator.



KSCwellness health spa Kanamachi


Gym Renaissance medium whetstone


Central wellness club Oiwa of Keisei Electric Railway


Central Aoto of a health spa


Dunlop gym  Ayase store


Tip Ness Shin-koiwa


Tokyu sports oasis Kanamachi 24Plus


A mega loss Katsushika store


Lirio Central health spa