Katsushika Food Festa 2022

Poster of Katsushika food Festa was released.

This year's PR ambassador is Nankatsu SC !! ️⚽️

We are currently preparing to hold it at Shinkoiwa Park for the first time in 3 years🏃‍♂️

Information will be updated at any time on the Twitter account of #Katsushika Food Festa @foodfesta ), so please follow us😆🍽

#We release poster of Katsushika food Festa 2022! This poster, which fully draws out the momentum of #Nankatsu SC, the 8th generation PR ambassador, will be posted at exhibitors' stores and ward facilities in the future! https://t.co/FEHgakMFsg

#Katsushika Food Festa 2022 #Katsushika