[Corporate seminar “If you don’t know, you can’t do it! What companies are working on now with work-style reform-related laws”]

[Corporate seminar “If you don't know, you can't do it! What companies are working on now with work-style reform-related laws] We hold in Katsushika City gender equality promotion center from 18:00 on Wednesday, August 28! It will be clear that laws related to work style reform will be enforced and that companies will now work. Anyone who is a manager, labor or HR manager, working people, or interested in the theme can participate. We will talk about various issues that mainly plague SMEs, such as the mandatory obligation of paid leave that began in April, regardless of the size of the company, and the upper limit on overtime work. See […]

【tomorrow, at last! Tomica “Katsushika Truck” is now on sale! ]

【tomorrow, at last! Tomica “Katsushika Truck” is now on sale! ] "Tomica No.48 Hino Profia Katsushika Truck" will be released nationwide as a new product from TAKARA TOMY from Saturday, August 17! Katsushika Truck was jointly developed by TAKARATOMY and Katsushika City (^^) A blue body color inspired by the logo of Katsushika City. is. Official site http://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/tomica/ Facebook

[Recruitment of participants for parent-child camp! ]

[Recruitment of parents and children camp participants! ] Accommodation is at Rinkan Gakuen. Even if you are camping for the first time, you can participate with peace of mind ♪ Recommended for those who like the outdoors, those who want to try, and those who want to make memories with parents and children! [Schedule] November 3rd (Sun)-November 4th (Monday / Holiday) [Target] Parent and child (family) [Capacity] 20 people by lottery (minimum 10 people) [Travel Price] << Inside of the City >> Adult 15,000yen Child 13,000yen (tax included) ≪Outside the ward≫ Adult 15,500 yen Child 13,500 yen (tax included) * Please contact us for children 4-15 years old and under […]

[Wednesday August 15th (Thursday), Shimbamate no Yamamoto-tei, “Think about the war from Shibamata-A picture-story show and a tour of the Yamamoto-tei Air Defense-” was held]

[Wednesday August 15th (Thursday), Shimbamate no Yamamoto-tei, "Think about the war from Shibamata-A picture-story show and a tour of the Yamamoto-tei Air Defense-" was held] We had a lecture about Katsushika City during the war, a picture-story show about the war by the Katsushika Old-fashioned Study Group, and an air defense fence in the basement of Yamamoto-tei. About 40 people participated, from elementary school students to those who experienced war, and thought about peace through the war in Katsushika. [Yamamoto-tei HP] http://www.katsushika-kanko.com/yamamoto/ Facebook

[We hold the tenth Katsushika City library “vibrio battle”! ]

[We hold the tenth Katsushika City library "vibrio battle"! ] Want to talk hotly about a book that you find interesting? Katsushika City Library Vibrio Battle “Katsubibu !!” will be held from 14:00 on August 17th (Sat). The stage of this decisive battle is the Central Library! It is a game-like book review battle in which the “champ book” that everyone wants to read the most by voting is decided. Since this is the 10th time, we will play a book book game that uses books to infer. If you wish to participate, please apply at the library counter near you. Of course, first-time visitors are also welcome. If you […]

[Ordinary Year Home Education Support System] ]

[Recruitment of family education support system for late 1st year] ] Why don't you hold a study session to learn about family education to solve anxiety and worries about raising children? Ward assists instructor reward when holding study meeting. [Examples of study group theme] ◇ Power that you want to acquire before entering elementary school ◇ Net risks and child safety surrounding children ◇ Early sleep, early rise, breakfast ~ Importance of life rhythm ~ Period of study session: From October 15 (Tuesday) to the February 28 (Friday) Ordinance 2 Deadline for application: Friday, September 13 (decree) Please refer to the following link about the theme of becoming group, study […]

[Application accepted until August 22]

[Applications are accepted until August 22] Senior Peer “Listening Volunteer Training Course” will be held twice. Listening volunteers visit elderly homes and facilities where it is difficult to go out and listen to them as a talk partner for elderly people who have trouble or anxiety. Would you like to learn the basics of “listening” and work in the community as a listening volunteer? The date and time: September 19 (Thursday) and 26 (Thursday) 9:30 am-4:30 pm Venue: For Women's Pal, capacity, tuition, etc. Please refer to the link for details. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/event/1000106/1015354.html Facebook

We hold Saturday legal consultation (free)!

We hold Saturday legal consultation (free)! On weekdays, lawyers will consult for those who cannot come to the ward office. [Date / time] Saturday, September 14, 1980 From 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm [Venue] Inhabitant counselor's office (City Office 2nd Floor No. 209, 5-13-1 Tateishi) [Application] Reservation required. We accept by phone from Friday, August 16th. (Up to the first 40 people living in the city.) Application Phone 03-5654-8612-5 Facebook

[Environmental Lecture for Elementary School Students “Take Company @ Takara Tomy” was held! ]

[Environmental Lecture for Elementary School Students "Take Company @ Takara Tomy" was held! ] On August 6th (Tue), an environmental course was held at TAKARATOMY to learn about ecology while having fun through eco-friendly toys such as “Eco Toy”! We conducted recycling learning using Pla-rail rail parts made from recycled materials, “Eco Straight Rail,” and experiments to compare energy consumption of beans and LED bulbs using a generator. TAKARATOMY's ingenuity in toys was introduced one after another, and the children who participated were studying eagerly! Facebook