[Send information about food education every month! ]

[Send information about food education every month! The theme of the Katsushika Know-How Memo ~ April issue is <Food Series of the Month [Kabu]> and <Good Drinks>. Please take a look. ] ● What is Katsushika's memorandum… Posters and table notes full of information about food and health. We post in cheerful food support shop (approximately 300 places) or ward facilities mainly at restaurants and food stores in the ward, and you can also see it from the ward homepage. ※ Katsushika's cheerful food support store is also recruiting! (Contact: Health Promotion Division TEL 03-3602-1268) http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1001796/1001954.html

[Tulip of Edogawa Shibamata riverbed bloomed]

Twenty thousand balls of tulips planted with 13 groups in the city and inhabitants of a ward bloomed on November 24 (Sat) of the year of Reiwa, hosted by the Association to Clean the River Katsushika. Of the 20,000 balls, 10,000 were donated by Gosen City, Niigata Prefecture. The photo was taken on March 25, 1942.

[To those who use the traffic park]

From March 28 (Sat.) to April 12 (Sun.), traffic play equipment (tricycles, bicycles, go-karts, etc.) at Shinjuku Kotsu Park, Kami-Chiba Sunbara Park and Kitanuma Park to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection Cancel lending. I would like understanding and cooperation. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/kou…/1005541/1022764.html

[About the fee for use of school childcare clubs in March 1980]

As a response to the new type of coronavirus infection, the fee for use of the childcare club for schoolchildren in March 1980 will be prorated. Also, those who have decided to return to work from childcare leave in April will be required to return to work by the end of April, 1980. We will postpone until the end of the month. If the contents change depending on the future situation, we will notify you on our website. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1002335/1023005.html

[About cancellation of events due to prevention of spread of new type coronavirus, closure of facilities, etc.]

Please see the following links for a list of events that were canceled or postponed in Katsushika Ward, facilities closed, etc. ≫About cancellation of event≫ http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/kou…/1005541/1022729.html ≫About closing of facilities≫ http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/kou…/1005541/1022764.html 各種 Various consultation counters regarding the new coronavirus≫ http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/kou…/1005542/1023004.html

[March 30 (Mon) release Katsushika Walker]

[Introducing the contents of Katsushika Walker released on 3/30 (Mon.)! ] ● Cover is Masayuki Sakamoto of V6! On the middle side, photos and interviews are posted on 8 pages as "Katsushika walk"! ● YouTuber Fishers from Katsushika City guide you to the park of memories All seven gather in Katsushika City! He introduced me to my childhood episodes and the restaurants I still go to! What is the recommended eel shop in Nadaho? -I heard the enthusiasm etc. from popular voice actors who are in charge of voice at Rajkura Pleiades starting broadcasting from April in Katsushika FM! Rajkura Pleiades is a virtual unit that transmits the charm of […]

[Judo artist from Katsushika, Wolf Aaron has been certified as a top athlete in Katsushika-ku! ]

《March 27, featured in Yomiuri, Nikkei, Asahi, Sankei, Tokyo, Sports Newspapers and TV programs》 On March 26 (Thursday), Wolf Aaron, a native of Shin Koiwa, who has been decided to be the Japan representative of the Tokyo 2020 Games Judo Men's 100kg Class, has been certified as the "Katsushika-ku Top Athlete"! We will continue to support Wolf Aaron in Katsushika City in the future (^^) /

[Notice from Tokyo]

A new coronavirus-related announcement has been sent from Tokyo to Tokyo residents. Please see the official Twitter of the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Relations Division from the link below. https://twitter.com/tocho_koho/status/1242831847756718081

[We close local community facility from Saturday, March 28 to Sunday, April 12]

Thank you for using the local community facilities on a daily basis. In Katsushika City, from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection, local community facilities will be closed from March 28 (Saturday) to April 12 (Sunday), 1980. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/insti…/1000093/1022775.html

[It is Aoki of Mayor of Katsushika]

[ #I am Aoki, Mayor of Katsushika ] Yesterday, 41 new cases of the new coronavirus were found in Tokyo. In order to prevent the spread of infection, it is very important to avoid poorly-ventilated enclosed spaces, densely populated areas, and places where conversations at short distances etc. are simultaneously overlapped. Each person's behavior is important. Thank you for your cooperation.