[Recruiting for those who wish to experience the harvest! ]

From the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection, we have canceled the recruitment of contact recreation farms this year, but the owners of each farm have opened a harvest experience farm! Please contact us directly at the telephone number listed on the linked page to apply! Contact information; Industrial Economy Section Tel: 03-3838-5554 ▶See this link for details.

[Public information Katsushika June 25 issue]

The first page of the June 25 issue is "Please prepare for evacuation at home in case of flood damage or earthquake." If many people evacuate to an evacuation center in the event of a disaster, the possibility of a mass infection with a new coronavirus infection increases. If you can ensure safety, do not go to an evacuation center and continue to live at home. Also consider evacuating to relatives or acquaintances' homes. There is no need to evacuate in case of flood damage unless your home is flooded or you are not covered by evacuation information. On page 12 of this paper, we will provide information on the […]

[Agreement on emergency measures in case of disaster]

Regarding the "Agreement on Emergency Measures at the Time of Disaster", on June 18, a handover ceremony was held to change the representative with Mr. Takayuki Kodai, the chairman of the Katsushika Disaster Prevention Association. We once again confirmed the cooperation system for emergency measures in the event of a disaster.

[Hanairi] Enjoy the video♪

At the Horikiri iris garden, the flowers and irises (Hanashobu) of the ward are in full bloom from the beginning of June to the middle of June, and about 6,000 plants of about 200 species are in full bloom. The video was delivered on June 15th (Monday). Please take a look at the ward's official YouTube channel.

[Notice] Regarding handling of My Number Card

In the morning of June 18th (Thursday) and June 19th (Friday), the ward office and each inhabitant of a ward office will not be able to issue or renew the electronic certificate to My Number Card. ( You can issue your My Number Card and reset your PIN as usual. .. ) We apologize for any inconvenience. 6nbsp;

[System failure] Recovered

Due to the system failure that occurred on June 15, 2019, the ward office and each inhabitant of the ward office affected the issuance and renewal of the electronic certificate of my number card, but you can proceed as usual. became. From the perspective of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection, those who are not busy are kindly requested to come at an appropriate time.