[Published in the 1/17 Yomiuri Shimbun morning paper.] Submit a request form to the Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding the Arakawa Bridge Replacement Project! ]

May 16 (Thu), Mayor of Sumida Ward, Toru Yamamoto, Mayor of Koto Ward, Takaaki Yamazaki, Mayor of Adachi Ward, Yayoi Kondo, Mayor of Katsushika Ward, Katsumi Aoki, Mayor of Edogawa Ward, Takeshi Saito, Mayor of Koto, Ward Mayor Koto Submitted a request form for promoting the Keisei Main Line Arakawa Bridge Rebuilding Project to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and requested the early realization of embankment reinforcement following bridge rebuilding. Koto 5 wards will continue to promote safe and secure town development in cooperation with various actors.

[Cooking camp @ recruitment extension! ]

From the popular “drum pizza” to the “cooking party” where you can do everything yourself, from menu making to fun! Delicious! Camp. Let's make delicious food together ♪ [Application period] Thursday, January 16-Thursday, February 20 [Schedule] March 28 (Sat)-March 30 (Mon), 2020 [Target] 1st to 4th graders in elementary school [Capacity] 40 people by lot (minimum 36 people) [Travel price (tax included)] [Inside the ward] 32,500 yen [Outside the ward] 33,000 yen * Includes transportation expenses (round trip bus charges), accommodation expenses, food expenses (6 meals), insurance charges, and various taxes. [Meeting / dissolution place] Katsushika Niijuku Mirai Park (planned) [Accommodation] Katsushika City Nikko Rinkan Gakuen (Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture) […]

[Free attendance! We will hold a business succession seminar]

We hold business succession seminar as follows for manager and successor of medium and small-sized business in ward. If you are worried about succession of your business, please join us as tax specialists will explain it clearly using specific examples. <Date> January 21 (Tuesday) 18: 30-21: 00 <Venue> Katsushika Eco Life Plaza 2nd Floor Training Room <Theme> Now is a Chance to Change Generations-New Business Succession Tax System and Its Examples- <Target> 30 SME managers, successors, etc. (first come, first served) <Lecturer> Mr. Toshiya Noda, Tax Accountant <Cost> Free <Application / Contact> Industrial Economics Division Management Support Section Telephone 3838-5556 FAX 3838-5551 http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/event/1000108/1019501.html

[Tateishi Library Local Business Support Seminar “To make Tokyo hand-painted Yuzen more familiar”]

Osamu Hyodo, who has been certified as a national traditional craftsman and is engaged in various creative activities, will be invited to share his thoughts on the Yuzen production process and manufacturing. The date and time: Saturday, January 18 from 14:00 to 15:30 Venue: Tateishi library (1-9-1 Tateishi telephone 03-3696-4451) Capacity: About 50 people Application: Please come directly to the venue http://www.lib.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/0000004…/article.html

[Best 4 nationwide! Kyoei Gakuen High School Girls Volleyball Club]

On Saturday, January 11, the women's volleyball club of Kyoei Gakuen High School lost in the spring semi-final in the high school volleyball (72nd All Japan Volleyball High School Championships) after a full set of fierce fights. In the semifinals, I was impressed by the players playing without giving up until the end! The nation's best 4 is a really wonderful result (^ ▽ ^) / See the tournament website for highlights of the match. https://www.haruko-volley.com/

[Sale of “Gift Certificate with Premium for Resident Tax Exemption / Child-rearing Household Owners” is coming to an end soon]

[Sales Period] Until Friday, January 31, 1980 It is sold at 45 post offices and 8 large stores in the city. If you have a purchase voucher, do not forget to purchase it during the sales period. ≪Target person≫ ① Resident tax-exempt persons in FY2019 (excluding those who are dependent on those who are subject to residence tax and those who have received welfare) We have you submit a purchase voucher grant application form and send a purchase voucher to those who meet the relevant requirements. * Application for purchase voucher issuance has been closed. (2) The head of the household to which the child born between April 2, 2016 […]

[It is Aoki of Mayor of Katsushika]

[ #I am Aoki, Mayor of Katsushika ] Captain Tsubasa CUP Katsushika 2020 has begun. The youth soccer teams from all over the world to which Tsubasa-kun has joined will have an exciting battle in Katsushika City today and tomorrow! Dr. Yoichi Takahashi also rushed. Players, please do your best to avoid injury!

[The 12th Horikiri Large Kite Flying Competition has started! ]

The Horikiri Large Kite Flying Competition has begun at Horikiri Waterside Park. Kites from local Horikiri Junior High School students are flying in the sky over the Arakawa Riverbed. In addition, there are booths for selling warm water, healthy vegetables from Katsushika, and products from Niigata Prefecture, as well as fire and police vehicles. Children under elementary school age can purchase a small kite for 100 yen, so they can participate even if they do not have a kite. Please come by all means! Until 2:00 pm!

[It is Aoki, Mayor of Katsushika]

The first day of the Captain Tsubasa Cup was over, and the "Captain Tsubasa Yukari no Local Exchange Meeting" was held at Eight Hall in Okudo with 10 teams participating. Please do your best tomorrow's game! And please make a lot of good memories with Katsushika!

[Captain Tsubasa CUP Katsushika Day 2 Start⚽‼ ️】

At the Okudo venue, from 10:00 to 16:00, a product exhibition will be held in the area related to Captain Tsubasa. There are many local specialties such as Kiritanpo, Hiyashi Ame, Negimaso. Many restaurants also open from restaurants in Katsushika City. Chicken salt-chanko hot pot, there are lots of warm things such as seaweed. Please enjoy the product exhibition along with the fierce battle at each venue. https://t.co/x0VCoP05lL