[System failure] My number card related

Due to a system failure today, the ward office and each ward office cannot issue the digital certificate to my number card and handle renewal work. ( You can issue your My Number Card and reset your PIN as usual. .. ) We apologize for any inconvenience. We will inform you of the failure on Facebook, Twitter and the website as soon as it is restored.

[Public information Katsushika June 15 issue]

The first page of the June 15 issue is the "Tokyo Governor Election." [Date] July 5th (Sunday) 7am-8pm ●About measures to prevent new coronavirus infection● We are taking measures so that voters can come to the polling place with peace of mind. Polling stations may be crowded on election day. Please use the early voting starting from June 19th (Friday) to avoid crowding people. To voters Request for cooperation in infection prevention measures ▽Wearing a mask, coughing etiquette, washing hands before and after the visit ▽Keeping distance from others ▽You can fill in by bringing a pencil or mechanical pencil The "election notice" will be sent from June 18th (Thursday) […]

[Free consultation on employment adjustment subsidies]

For companies in Katsushika City, the social insurance labor consultant will provide free consultation on matters such as employment adjustment subsidies, work rules, and personnel/labor consultation. <Consultation content> ・Details of employment adjustment subsidies implemented by the government, requirements for receiving benefits, how to write application forms, etc. ・Consultation regarding work rules, personnel/labor affairs etc. *Advance reservation by phone is required for consultation. <Target users> Businesses with business establishments in Katsushika City <Application/Contact> Work discovery plaza Katsushika 7-2-1 Aoto, Katsushika-ku Techno Plaza Katsushika the first floor Telephone: 03-5680-8765 (Reception time) Weekdays / 10am to 7pm 1st and 3rd Saturday / 10am to 5pm Please see the Katsushika City website for details.

[City Library site has been updated! ]

Thank you for using the Katsushika City Library. With the replacement of the library system, we have redesigned the HP of the library and improved the functionality of the material search, making it more convenient and easy to use. In addition, as a new service, it is now possible to register transportation IC cards and Android smartphones with Osaifu-Keitai function as usage cards. For details, please see the Katsushika City Library website .

[About the reopening of the municipal library]

At the Katsushika City Library, we will take steps to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, such as by spacing the readers' seats, and open the library sequentially from June 1st (Monday). When visiting the museum, please cooperate to prevent the spread of infection. For details, please see the Katsushika City Library website . ◇Opening status [Central/Tateishi Library, Gender Equality Promotion Center Library Reference Room] Open from Monday, June 1 [Ohanajaya/Kamikomatsu/Kameari/Mizumoto/Kamakura Library, Yotsugi/Nishimizumoto/Aoto/Okudo/Kosuge District Library, Shinjuku Book Service Corner, Lirio Kameari Book Service Counter] Open from Tuesday, June 2 The opening hours are as usual.

[Flower irises are in full bloom]

At the Horikiri iris garden, the flowers and irises (Hanashobu) of the ward are in full bloom from the beginning of June to the middle of June, and about 6,000 strains of about 200 species are in full bloom. A video of the scene of the park on Tuesday, June 9 was delivered. Please take a look at the ward's official YouTube channel.

[We will sell freshly picked vegetables! ]

We sell freshly picked fresh vegetables cultivated by farmers in Katsushika City and provide seasonal tastes to the residents! Sales will start at 11:30 in front of the front entrance of the Katsushika City Office. Sales schedule etc. Here Please check from (^^)‬

[Katsushika smile lively gymnastics]

We have created a video "Katsushika Smile Lively Gymnastics" of your gymnastics. Let's aim for health from your mouth by doing "Katsushika Smile Lively Gymnastics" in accordance with the song of Katsushika Ward. Ward homepage Here Please refer to.

[That may be a scam masquerading as “benefit”! ]

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, we are cautioning that we are beginning to get suspicious e-mails and telephones trying to find out accounts and PINs by piggybacking on a special fixed amount benefit of 100,000 yen in cash. Please note that the government or municipality does not send emails to personal computers or smartphones and does not inquire about accounts or PINs by phone regarding special fixed benefits. If you feel any suspiciousness, please contact Katsushika Police Station (03-3695-0110) or Kameari Police Station (03-3607-0110) . http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1003400/1023294.html