[Application for special loans, such as emergency small funds, based on the effects of the new coronavirus infection has started. ]

The Katsushika City Council of Social Welfare provides loans for low-income households, such as emergency small-lot funds, which lend necessary funds such as living expenses. We started accepting special loans, such as emergency small-lot funds, for those who have lost work or lost work due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection on Wednesday, March 25, 1980. As there is presentation such as documents which can confirm requirements and decrease in revenue about the details of loan, please see Katsushika City Council of Social Welfare homepage in detail. https://www.katsushika-shakyo.com/…/news/info20200324180320/

[Note the new coronavirus 3 conditions]

The government's Expert Group on Countermeasures against New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases states that as a common condition in cases where cluster (outbreak) infection has been confirmed, caution must be exercised when the following three conditions are simultaneously overlapped. ・ A closed space with poor ventilation ・ A lot of people are crowded ・ Speaking and speaking at close distances (close scenes) In places and scenes where these three conditions are simultaneously met, please take the following actions. 1. Ventilate (if possible, open windows in two directions simultaneously) Decrease the density of two people (leave each other about 1-2m apart) 3. Avoid short-range conversations and remarks (if necessary, wear a mask)

[About closed facilities and some suspension of facility use]

Since the spread of the new coronavirus infection has not reached convergence, we have suspended the use of children's centers and children's future plazas until April 5 during the spring break. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/kou…/1005541/1022764.html

[We perform special administrative consultation by administrative consultation committee! ]

The Administrative Counselor is a local expert who is commissioned by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications and is a consultant for residents of the city. We accept consultations on national systems and operations. [Date and time] Thursday, March 26, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm [Venue] Ward Office 2nd Floor Inhabitant Hall [Others] No reservation required! Go directly to the venue!

[Response to new coronavirus infections in childcare facilities]

We will inform you about the response to the new coronavirus infection at childcare facilities. [About childcare fees for licensed daycare centers associated with new coronavirus infections] In connection with the response to the new coronavirus infection, childcare fees will be pro-rated for children who have taken leave of the daycare center, etc. during March, 1980. ・ Eligible facility-accredited nursery schools, certified child nurseries, home-based nursery schools, small-scale nursery schools, certified nursery schools ・ Residing in the target ward, from March 2 (Monday) to March 31 (Tuesday) Childcare fees for children who have taken leave from licensed daycare centers during the period ・ Daily method This daycare fee will be […]

[Published public information Katsushika March 25 issue! ]

One side is "Katsushika Walker (Walker) will be released on Monday, March 30!" Information magazine "Katsushika Walker" full of the charm of Katsushika will be released! Lots of contents including gourmet information and Katsushika visiting celebrities! You will surely find your favorite Katsushika! Special issue of this issue 12 "New Coronavirus-related information" Individual actions can help prevent the spread of infection. While checking the latest information, please prevent infection such as hand washing and cough etiquette. If you suspect infection, please contact us by phone as follows. 方 People with cough, fever, or severe drowsiness [Returnees / Contact Phone Consultation Center] Phone: 03-3602-1376 健康 Health consultation that does not correspond […]

[Contact from Katsushika Police Station]

At a crossroads on the Mito Kaido on March 14 (Sat), a painful traffic accident occurred when an elementary school student who was crossing a pedestrian crossing at a green light was hit by a vehicle ignoring the traffic light. When crossing the road, it is natural to check left and right so that you do not have a traffic accident, but even if you are a priority place for pedestrians such as green lights, make sure to always check the surrounding situation and pass safely. Thank you. Also, the driver is hard to see the pedestrians at night, so when you go out, wear prominently brightly colored clothing and […]

[Published public information Katsushika March 15 issue! ]

The first and second pages are "New Coronavirus Related Information". The ward has decided to cancel events and close facilities to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Inhabitants of a ward ask for prevention of infection such as hand-washing or cough etiquette while confirming the latest information sequentially. * Please refer to the links below for information on cancellation of events and information on facility closures. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1004038/1022578.html Eight special features of this issue "The 4th Katsushika Literary Prize Winning Works Decision!" It is an original novel drawn in Katsushika Ward so that many people can know the charm of "Hometown Katsushika" where bright and humane people live. Eight […]

[KKPTV distribution]

This week, we will announce the “New Coronavirus Countermeasures Emergency Loan” to support small and medium-sized businesses and small businesses in the city that have been affected or may have been affected by the new Coronavirus epidemic. https://youtu.be/gozi3CCyU_o