[Tokyo Alert] (As of June 3)

The Tokyo alert was activated yesterday. Tokyo Alert calls for caution against the new coronavirus. For inhabitants of the ward, practice and thoroughly implement a "new lifestyle" such as thorough hand washing, wearing a mask, ensuring physical distance, and especially avoiding the 3 dangerous places such as downtown at night. Please.

[Balsa Academy Katsushika School has resumed training]

The Balsa Academy Katsushika School, which had been suspended due to the new coronavirus infection, has resumed training from Monday, June 1. Prior to training, all children are warmed to check their physical condition, and coaches and staff are in contact with them by taking measures such as face guards and masks to prevent infection. ≪Balsa Academy Katsushika School Official Website≫ https://katsushika.barcaacademy.com/

[Exhibiting support messages]

While the effects of the new coronavirus infection continued, we received messages of support from people related to Katsushika City to cheer up the residents of Katsushika City. The messages sent from the inhabitant of the ward hall near the entrance on the second floor of the ward office are on display until June 11.

[I received a donation and a mask]

On June 1st (Monday), Futaba Line Co., Ltd. (Nishimizu-moto 3-chome) will cost 500,000 yen to the Katsushika Foundation for dreams and pride as a cost of measures for new coronavirus infectious diseases. I received 10,000 yen and 5,000 masks from the ward. We will make effective use of the donations and masks we receive.

[All Mizumoto Sports Club]

News from Katsushika area sports club "All Mizumoto Sports Club"! Every week, we introduce various club programs with videos (YouTube). This week is "Press Flower Class Information". Classroom activities will resume on Thursday, June 11th. Come and join us in pressed flower art!

[An additional video showing how to make and proceed with baby food was posted]

In the baby food classroom (parenting class) conducted at the health center, we created a video "Natural baby food for about 7 to 8 months" and "Baby food for about 9 to 11 months" that the nutritionist is talking about. "I want you to be careful about how to proceed with baby food" and "Baby food after about 5 or 6 months" are also being published in advance. Please take a look. Consultations on baby food and children's meals are accepted by phone at each health center. [Contact] Aoto Health Center 03-3602-1284 Shinkoiwa Health Center 03-3696-3781 Kanamachi Health Center 03-3607-4141 Mizumoto Health Center 03-3627-1911 * Page ID: 1014482 "Infant meal" […]

[Public information Katsushika June 5 issue was issued. ]

One side is "Let's prevent the spread of the infection with the "new lifestyle" where the emergency declaration has been lifted". On May 25, the emergency declaration was lifted in Tokyo as well. In the future, it will be important to control the spread of infection and achieve both socio-economic activities. In the ward, we will continue our original emergency economic measures, continue striving to spread infections, and gradually restarting our facilities and businesses. We request that residents of the ward practice a "new lifestyle" such as washing hands, disinfecting, thoroughly coughing etiquette, ensuring a physical distance, and avoiding 3 densities. Featured in this issue Seven "inhabitant of a ward […]