Monchhichi of the Hinamatsuri version appears for a limited time on Shin-Koiwa Monchhichi AR!

In the following map ① Shinkoiwa Station North Exit Area, Map ② Shinkoiwa Station South Exit Area, Katsushika City Public Wireless LAN “ Katsushika_Free_Wi-Fi ” during the period from February 17 (Mon) to March 3 (Tuesday) After connecting to, open the "Shin Koiwa Monchhichi AR Function" in the Katsushika Ward comprehensive application, you can take a photo with the Hinamatsuri version of Monchhichi. Since it will be available for a limited time only, please come to Shinkoiwa during the period and enjoy taking photos with the Hinamatsuri version of Monchhichi! (Note) The following map ③ Shinkoiwa Station Tohoku Square, ④ Sky Deck Tatsumi West side, ⑤ Sky Deck Tatsumi East […]

[We carry out the eleventh Mizumoto Kasemi no Sato photo contest! ]

We raise "photos which featured various creatures living in Katsushika City"! One entry per person, anyone can apply. The winning works will be decided by the votes of the visitors to Mizumoto Kasemi no Sato. Winning works will be sold as postcards. Please apply without hesitation! The application deadline is until January 13 (Monday / holiday) (postmark valid on the day). See the link for details. [Application, reference] Mizumoto Kasemi no Sato waterside contact room 〒125-0034 8-3, Mizumoto Park, Katsushika-ku Telephone 03-3627-5201

[Information for “DV Prevention Course with Red Riding Hood and Wolf”]

[Information for "DV prevention course with Red Riding Hood and Wolf" Restoring a damaged heart-now and here to enrich it-] “ Trauma care of Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf: A book on psychological education that regains the power to love oneself '' Author Miyako Shirakawa added to hints on what trauma is, the way to recovery, and the effects of DV on children, You will be able to talk about the involvement of familiar people and supporters in an easy-to-understand manner. [Date] 1/24 (Fri) 13:30-15:30 [Place] Gender Equality Promotion Center (Women's Pal) ★ There is childcare (over 1 year old and pre-school, reservation required) [Application] Accepting applications by telephone […]

[Best 4 nationwide! Shutoku High School Women’s Soccer Club! ]

The Shutoku High School Women's Soccer Club, which has successfully advanced to the best four, will enter the semifinals today from 14:00 on January 7th. Thank you for your continued support, yesterday! The 28th All Japan High School Women's Soccer Championship homepage (Information on TV broadcasting and live distribution is also available here.)

[Win the second round straight, advance to the third round! Kyoei Gakuen High School Girls Volleyball Club! ]

Kyoei Gakuen High School Women's Volleyball Club will appear in the 3rd round of Spring High School Volleyball (72nd All Japan Volleyball High School Championships) from 10:00 on January 7, today! I would like cheers for the players (^^) / For details, please see the tournament website. Also, from 0:55 midnight today, Fuji TV will broadcast the 3rd round of the tournament and the quarterfinals.

[Issued Public Information Katsushika New Year Issue]

We published public information Katsushika New Year issue. ● 1.4 Interview with New Year / Director Yoji Yamada, Katsushika Aoki Director of Katsushika Katsushika wraps the whole country with laughter and tears, and boasts a nationally popular movie series "Man is tough." "Tora-san" and "Katsushika Shibamata" became famous nationwide and developed the tourism resources of the city. In commemoration of the 50th work release at the end of last year, we welcomed director Yoji Yamada, and talked about the feeling of opening the 50th work of "Man is painful", the charm of Katsushika, the new year's resolution etc. Was. ● 2 ・ 3 The moment of excitement is right there. […]

[Send information about food education every month]

[Send information about food education every month! ~ Katsushika knows memo ~ The theme of the January issue is <Food series of this month "Komatsuna"> and <Japanese food culture "Osechi">. Please take a look. ] ● What is Katsushika's memorandum… Posters and table notes full of information about food and health. We post in cheerful food support shop (approximately 300 places) or ward facilities mainly on restaurants and food stores in the ward, and you can also see it from the ward homepage. ※ Katsushika's cheerful food support store is also recruiting! (Contact: Health Promotion Division TEL 03-3602-1268)…/100…/1001796/1001954.html

[Recommend to do the work of nursing care from now on! Life care worker training training]

We will attend training courses to learn the knowledge and skills required for nursing care for four days and aim to work at nursing care service establishments. (Details) [Date and time] 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, January 27 (Mon)-30 (Thurs) 2020 [Venue] Gender Equality Promotion Center (5-27-1 Tateishi) [Target] About 20 people who are 18 years of age or older and want or seek employment at a nursing care service establishment. We carry out with positioning. Those who have completed the training may be exempt from part of the training for newcomers. (Offer / Application) [Offer Period] January 6 (Mon)-January 17 (Fri), 2020 [Application place] Apply for telephone or fax […]