In Tokyo, the number of infected people is increasing again. We ask all residents and businesses to thoroughly implement the "new lifestyle" in order to prevent infection with the new coronavirus and achieve socio-economic activities. 〇 Please take thorough actions such as thoroughly washing your hands, wearing a mask, and avoiding the “three denseness”. *However, wearing a mask in summer when the temperature and humidity are high may increase the risk of heat stroke. If you can secure a sufficient distance (at least 2 m or more) with people outdoors, remove the mask appropriately. 〇 When using at restaurants, etc., be sure to thoroughly sterilize your hands and avoid swallowing […]

[Published the public information Katsushika July 15 issue]

The first page of the July 15 issue is "Wall, why not climb?" A sports climbing center has opened at the Toganecho sports ground in Mizumoto Park. This is the first public facility in Tokyo that has three types of speed, lead, and bouldering. Please note that there may be restrictions on admission, so please check official Twitter (@katsushikaclimb) etc. before visiting. Featured in this issue Eight side "let's get my number (personal number) card" My number card is a convenient card that can be used for ID cards and issuing certificates at convenience stores. Starting in September, the "minor points" system will be started, in which you can receive […]

“Weekend Happy Life! In Love with Edo”

[I am Aoki, the mayor of Katsushika] Katsushika Ward will appear on TOKYO MX TV "Weekend Happy Life! In love with Edo", which will be broadcast from 11:00 am on Saturday, July 11th. This time, we will introduce the Toganecho Sports Ground Sports Climbing Center opened on June 1 with Yuji Hirayama, a world-class professional free climber from Katsushika Ward, as a guest. This facility operates while taking measures to prevent new coronavirus infectious diseases, such as temperature measurements during admission and admission restrictions during congestion. Please take a look. (Program HP)

[Katsushika fine vegetables spot sale event]

The Katsushika Genki Vegetable Sale Event is being held in front of the front entrance of the Katsushika City Office! We are selling fresh vegetables harvested in the ward 🍅🍆✨ It will end as soon as it's sold out, so don't miss it! !! ▶ Click here for details #Katsushika # Katsushika # Katsushika healthy vegetables

[Katsushika Ward joint flood control drill]

On July 1 (Wednesday), we held a joint flood control drill for Katsushika Ward near the Arakawa Bridge on the Arakawa Left Bank Keisei Main Line. The height of the embankment near the Arakawa Bridge, which was the training site, is currently decreasing locally due to the elevated embankment. Since it takes time to replace the Arakawa Bridge, which is a drastic solution, we decided to install a large sandbag during this training as a provisional measure to strengthen the flood control function of the embankment. The large sandbags set up during the training will be kept near the bridge to protect the area from flood damage in the event […]

[Terumi Yoshida becomes the PR ambassador for Katsushika Food Festa 2020! ]

The largest gourmet event in Katsushika-ku history, Katsushika Food Festa , will be held on November 21st (Sat) and 22nd (Sun) this year after taking measures to prevent new coronavirus infection. Terumi Yoshida , a Katsushika City ambassador from Katsushika City, has been appointed as the 7th PR Ambassador of the Food Festa! Terumi Yoshida commented on her enthusiasm for becoming a PR ambassador. “I was involved in food festivals at the stage event last year, but I realized the high level of interest in food among the residents of the ward. "I want to convey the goodness of the product"! The 4th generation PR ambassador, Wadaiko Group Aya, also […]

[Published the public information Katsushika July 5 issue]

The first page of the July 5 issue is "Konona defeated! Ward's approach to new everyday life" . Thanks to the understanding and cooperation of the residents of the city for the prevention of new coronavirus infectious diseases, the spread of infection was suppressed, and we were able to resume the facility use and events. The ward will continue to take measures in preparation for the second wave. Featured in this issue 6th page "Discovering and supporting young artists Katsushika Young Art Competition 2020 works" We are soliciting art works from middle school students up to the age of 35. The award-winning works will be exhibited at the award-winning works […]

[Starting from July 4th, this year’s Blueberry Tourist Farm! ]

●Place Shibata Tourist Farm (4-25 Mizumoto), Hosoya Tourist Farm (4-11 Higashimizu) ●In principle, the park is closed on rainy days only on Saturdays and Sundays during the period. ●Opening hours 9:30 am to 12:00 am (will be closed as soon as there is no more harvest on that day) ●In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, we may restrict admission. ●Please wear a mask. ●Please refrain from visiting the park if you have a fever or cough. "How to Use" No prior application is required. Please come to the farm directly. Admission is free. The picked fruits are sold as 100g for 300 yen. (Not all you […]