[Healthy mouth management from minus 1 year old]

When you become pregnant, your gums tend to swell or become swelling due to changes in hormone balance or lack of brushing due to morning sickness. Taking a maternity dental checkup and maintaining oral health will help prevent your baby's teeth. ▶ Ward homepage "Information for Pregnant Women (Maternity) Dental Health Examination"

[Request for cooperation with the issuance of a state of emergency]

Currently, a state of emergency has been issued to Tokyo. Please cooperate in refraining from going out unnecessarily and urgently, especially after 20:00, and basic infections such as "wearing a mask", "washing hands / disinfecting hands", and "avoiding 3 dense (dense, close, sealed)". Take preventative measures more thoroughly than ever before. ▶ [Katsushika City HP] About emergency measures in Tokyo due to the issuance of the state of emergency ▶ [Katsushika City HP] Be careful of "5 scenes" where the risk of infection increases! ▶ [Katsushika City HP] Please practice "new lifestyle"

[Children’s Future Plaza Information Session] Postponement Schedule

The "Explanatory Meeting on the Maintenance of (Tentative Name) Children's Future Plaza Higashiyotsugi and Kosuga" will be postponed to the following schedule because the "State of Emergency" was issued due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. "(Tentative name) Children's Future Plaza Higashiyotsugi Construction Information Session" Date: January 23, 3rd year of Reiwa ⇒ February 27th, 3rd year of Reiwa Venue: Shibue Elementary School Gymnasium From 10:00 am "(Tentative name) Information session on the maintenance of Children's Future Plaza Kosuga" Date: January 21, Reiwa 3 ⇒ March 22, Reiwa Venue: Former Koyano Elementary School Gymnasium From 7:00 pm Date: January 25, 3rd year of Reiwa ⇒ March 26th, 3rd […]

[Recruiting new users of agricultural experience farms! ]

I don't have farm tools … I don't know how to make vegetables … I don't have to worry about farming experience farms! Agricultural experience farm is a farm where you can experience vegetable growing while learning farming work directly from the farmer who is the owner. Even beginners can enjoy growing vegetables with peace of mind. ▶ For details, see Public Relations Katsushika 1/15 or Ward official homepage please look at. #Katsushika

[Introduction of activities of school area cheering party]

On December 12th, an interview practice for third graders was held at Honda Junior High School by the school community cheering party for the high school entrance examination. The local people asked the students questions as interviewers, and the students answered, which made me feel nervous, and the interview practice was just like the actual interview. From the students, "I was able to know the improvement points that I did not notice in the advice after the interview." "It was a valuable experience for the production." "I am grateful to the local people again. I was able to hear the impression. ▶ Katsushika City homepage #Katsushika #katsushika

[A message video from Katsushika Aoki will be delivered]

This time, the Mayor of Katsushika Aoki delivered a message video to the residents about "Requests to the residents in response to the reissue order of the state of emergency". This time, the Mayor of Katsushika Aoki delivered a message video to the residents about "Requests to the residents in response to the reissue order of the state of emergency". ▶ Please see from the link below. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rr26zj8MlI0 #Aoki Katsushika Ward Mayor #Katsushika

[Reiwa 2nd Year Health University]

This year's theme is "Let's learn! Let's try! Health promotion-Health techniques that are competitive with Corona-" This year, it will be held on the ward homepage. You can learn about food hygiene, dental hygiene, nutrition and health promotion. Want to find tips on your own and your family's health? Holding period: Until March 31, 3rd year of Reiwa ▶ For details Ward official website "Health University" please look at. #Katsushika #family #health