[Registration for “Everybody’s Together for Natural Electricity” campaign is now open! ]

By 2050, Katsushika City aims to achieve virtually zero emissions of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide), which is the cause of global warming, as "zero emission Katsushika." To achieve "Zero Emission Katsushika", it is necessary for the residents to take action. In the "Everybody Together, Natural Electricity" campaign conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Environment Bureau, switching electricity contracts for homes and other households can save natural electricity even at homes where solar panels cannot be installed. Since it can be used, it can also be a measure against global warming. Katsushika City supports this campaign. [Target] Homes, shops, small offices [Selectable menu] The ratio of natural electricity can be selected from […]

[We are looking for handmade toys! ]

Why not make a "handmade toy" during summer vacation? "Katsushika toy idea contest" is being held to recognize toys produced by children who attend municipal elementary schools! The theme is "I wish I had a toy like this." Winners will be presented with Takara Tomy toys and certificates♪ For details, please check the "2020 Katsushika Toy Idea Competition Information" and linked pages. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1004930/1021206.html

[Employment of women] Now, once (two times in total)

The Gender Equality Promotion Center will hold a gender equality course, "Women's Active Part" Now/Age (2 times). Looking back on the history of women's success from a gender perspective, we consider gender equality in a new era, Reiwa. 1st August 30th (Sun) 1pm-3pm "Sports and Gender: "Before" and "From now on" instructor Rieko Yamaguchi (Associate Professor, Josai University) 2nd September 22nd (Tuesday/holiday) 1pm-3pm “Japanese History and Gender: Ancient and Medieval Women” Lecturer Sanae Futto (Professor Emeritus, Saitama Gakuen University) Capacity is 20 people. We are accepting electronic applications or return postcards. Childcare 5 people (children 1 year old or older) Free of charge. Please feel free to join us. " […]

[Knowing and preventing heat stroke]

This summer, we often go out with masks on, so be careful. ≪Point of heat stroke prevention≫ ● Frequently rehydrate. Let's take water before getting up, going out, before and after taking a bath. ● Avoid heat. Improve ventilation, block direct sunlight with curtains, and use air conditioners and fans well. ▶ Katsushika City homepage

[Provides extraordinary special benefits for single-parent households]

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, temporary special benefits will be provided to single-parent households in order to support such households in view of the great difficulties that have arisen due to the increased burden of raising children and decreased income. To do. There are [basic benefit] and [additional benefit] in benefits . <Person who is provided> [Basic benefits] (1) Those who receive child rearing allowances for June 2012, (2) Receiving public pension benefits, etc., and all payments for child rearing allowances for June June 2012 Those who have received public pension benefits, etc., and who have been applying for child support allowances, who are suspected that […]

[Information on dietary education] “Countermeasures against dehydration and summer bate” and “pickles”

[Disseminate information about food education every month! -Katsushika kuchikomi memo- The theme of the August issue is "Countermeasures against dehydration and summer batter " and "Pickles" . Please take a look. ] ●What is a Katsushika memorandum? These posters and tabletop memos are full of information on food and health. In addition to postings at healthy food support stores in Katsushika (about 300 places) centering on restaurants and food stores in the ward, ward facilities, etc., you can also see it from the ward HP. *We are also looking for a cheerful food support store in Katsushika! (Contact: Health Promotion Division TEL 03-3602-1268) http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1001796/1001954.html

[Collaborative town Katsushika Shitamachi Kawayanagi contest recruiting works! ]

The theme this time is "Family/Friends". Every day, please apply for what you feel or experience at Kawayanagi with a 5, 7, 5 rhythm. * Theme: "Family/friends" 〇 Recruitment period: August 3rd (Mon) to November 30th (Mon) (Must arrive) 〇 Target: Those who live, work, or attend school in the ward 〇 Application categories: (1) General department (2) Junior high school students (3) Elementary school students 〇 For other detailed information such as application methods, please refer to the links below. Winners/winners will receive prizes. We look forward to your applications. https://shitamachi-senryu.com/

[The monkey was witnessed] (August 1)

Around 14:56 today (August 1st), a monkey was spotted near Kosuge 3-chome, but at about 16:20 the police received sighting information near 4-chome Ayase, Adachi-ku. In the future, you may come and go again in the ward, so if you see a monkey, please do not go out of sight and contact the police (110). ● Katsushika City Area Promotion Department Life Safety Division

[The crime prevention prevention awareness wrapping bus was completed]

🚍✨ the "Black Angels" works in the famous cartoonist of Shinji Hiramatsu teacher is crime prevention awareness wrapping bus, which dealt with illustrations, such as is now complete Characters are calling for inhabitants to be wary of special fraud and bicycle theft! From today, it will start operation on 2 routes (Shin-Koiwa Station⇔Ayase Station, Shin-Koiwa Station⇔Kameari Station) 🚌💨‬