[Send information about food education every month]

[Send information about food education every month! ~ Katsushika knows memo ~ The theme of the January issue is <Food series of this month "Komatsuna"> and <Japanese food culture "Osechi">. Please take a look. ] ● What is Katsushika's memorandum… Posters and table notes full of information about food and health. We post in cheerful food support shop (approximately 300 places) or ward facilities mainly on restaurants and food stores in the ward, and you can also see it from the ward homepage. ※ Katsushika's cheerful food support store is also recruiting! (Contact: Health Promotion Division TEL 03-3602-1268) http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1001796/1001954.html

[Introducing the activities of the school community supporters! (^^)!]

At Tokiwa Junior High School, a calligraphy teacher from the area was invited on December 21, and a practice session was held at the beginning of the year's annual writing. Twelve students from grades 1 to 3 participated and concentrated. The teacher wrote the example of the name, and the students heard a voice saying, "It's good to participate ~ (* ^^) ♪". The school community supporters are also doing various activities. Please see the activities of other schools from the following URL. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1002477/1002678.html

[Child Ward Assembly was held in the first year of Reiwa. ]

Children's ward assembly was held in the Katsushika City Assembly plenary hall and committee room on Wednesday, 25th. Approximately 40 children from elementary school fifth grade to junior high school third grade in the ward decided by open call for questions from familiar problem to measure of Katsushika City to the mayor and superintendent of education. This congress is aimed at encouraging elementary and junior high school students to understand parliamentary democracy and increase their interest in ward administration. Each time the interrogator stood at the questionnaire, a large applause was sent from guardians in the auditorium and other children's deputies, who were nervous and steadily asked questions about ward […]

[Activities of school community supporters! (^^)!]

In the second year of Kamimatsu Elementary School, the theme of which was "Let's learn about this town" was held on December 16, and talked about the history around Kamikomatsu Elementary School. Children who heard a different situation around the school were surprised. The school community supporters are also doing various activities. Please see the URL below for other school activities. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1002477/1002678.html

[Snow camp ㏌ Okunikko 募集 Participant size recruitment! ]

Snow play in Okunikko! Course A is snowshoe hiking, and course B is snow play. Various other programs are also available! Let's play in winter sunlight! (^^)! [Schedule] February 22 (Sat)-February 24 (Mon) 2020 [Target] Course A (3rd to 6th graders) B course (1st to 4th graders) [Capacity] 40 people by lot (minimum 36 people) [Travel price (all including tax)] 34,500 yen (with ward, A course, snowshoe guide) 33,000 yen (within ward, B course) (Outside ward, A course, with snowshoe guide) 35,000 yen (Outside ward, B course) 33,500 yen * Includes transportation costs (round trip bus fee), accommodation costs, meal costs (6 meals), insurance fee, various taxes during the trip […]

[Cooking camp @ recruitment of participants large! ]

Even if you are new to cooking, you can learn how to use a kitchen knife and how to control the fire with your friends. On the last day, everyone has a cooking party. Let's make delicious food together ♪ [Schedule] March 28 (Sat)-March 30 (Mon), 2020 [Target] 1st to 4th graders in elementary school [Capacity] 40 people by lot (minimum 36 people) [Travel price (tax included)] [Inside ward] 32,500 yen [Outside ward] 33,000 yen * Includes transportation expenses (round trip bus charges), accommodation expenses, meal expenses (6 meals), insurance charges, and various taxes during the tax-included process. [Meeting / dissolution place] Katsushika Niijuku Mirai Park (planned) [Accommodation] Katsushika City […]

[Introducing the activities of the school community supporters! (^^)!]

At the 60th anniversary celebration of Shibahara Elementary School, members of the school community cheering group also participated, and about 40 people performed chorus and live performances with PTA, PTAOB and youth committee members. The video is like that. The School Community Support Team is a system in which schools, homes and communities work together to support school education activities at the request of each school. Various approaches are being taken depending on the region. See the link for details. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1002477/1002678.html

[Takuya Nakase, a silver medalist at the Beijing Olympics Gymnastics Men’s Group, gave a lecture and a special class at Hosoda Elementary School! ]

On December 19 (Thursday), Takuya Nakase, a former gymnastics representative from Japan, visited Hosoda Elementary School and gave a lecture and an exercise class on gymnastics! From his experience, Nakase told his children that he wanted him to find his favorite things, and that he had a big dream about his own things and wanted him to continue working without giving up.

[A home delivery class was held to learn about salmon at Kanamachi Elementary School]

On Monday, December 16th, Kanamachi Elementary School's fifth grader took a lesson on the ecology and how to raise salmon! This class is held at 10 elementary schools in the city, including Kanamachi Elementary School, as part of an environmental exchange project with Gosen City, Niigata Prefecture, which has a cooperation and cooperation agreement with Katsushika City. On December 10 (Tue), approximately 2,500 salmon sperm eggs were delivered from the Noshiro River Salmon and Mass Breeding Association in Gosen City, and eggs were raised in each school's aquarium (^^ ♪ The salmon eggs are raised until the children are carefully fryed, delivered to Gosen City in March next year, and […]

[Broadcast on Abema News! A programming class was held at Katsushika Elementary School! ]

On Monday, December 16th, a hands-on programming class was held at Katsushika Elementary School! This lesson was based on the “Memorandum on Cooperation and Cooperation in Programming Education at Katsushika City Elementary School, etc.” concluded by the three companies Takara Tomy, NTT Docomo, and Katsushika City. In the class, a cardboard robot kit “embot” developed by NTT Docomo and manufactured and sold by Takara Tomy was used ♪ Children shake hands using dedicated software on a robot assembled using cardboard , I learned about programming while programming the movements such as throwing the ball and having fun (^^ ♪ https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/videonews/ann…