[Library x (and) Lecture + (and) Special Special Issue “Really Scary Story Meeting”]

[Library x (and) lecture + (and) special special issue "Really scary story meeting" held] On August 31 (Sat), from 2pm to 4pm, Kameari Library will hold "Library x (and) Kodan + (and) Special issue" Really Scary Story Meeting "". In the remnants of summer… Now, listen to a talk that is reputed to be “hot” in the evening, and why not spend a “cool” afternoon? Dr. Sadaka Ichiryu, the 5th generation, reads a ghostly story that cools the listener's liver. Please look forward to your disciple Sadaya. http://www.lib.city.katsushika.lg.jp/main/0000004613/article.html Facebook

[Ordinary Year Home Education Support System] ]

[Recruitment of family education support system for late 1st year] ] Why don't you hold a study session to learn about family education to solve anxiety and worries about raising children? Ward assists instructor reward when holding study meeting. [Examples of study group theme] ◇ Power that you want to acquire before entering elementary school ◇ Net risks and child safety surrounding children ◇ Early sleep, early rise, breakfast ~ Importance of life rhythm ~ Period of study session: From October 15 (Tuesday) to the February 28 (Friday) Ordinance 2 Deadline for application: Friday, September 13 (decree) Please refer to the following link about the theme of becoming group, study […]

[Environmental Lecture for Elementary School Students “Take Company @ Takara Tomy” was held! ]

[Environmental Lecture for Elementary School Students "Take Company @ Takara Tomy" was held! ] On August 6th (Tue), an environmental course was held at TAKARATOMY to learn about ecology while having fun through eco-friendly toys such as “Eco Toy”! We conducted recycling learning using Pla-rail rail parts made from recycled materials, “Eco Straight Rail,” and experiments to compare energy consumption of beans and LED bulbs using a generator. TAKARATOMY's ingenuity in toys was introduced one after another, and the children who participated were studying eagerly! Facebook

Real mystery solving game in 寅 Mr. memorial “summer monster festival!”

We will hold a real mystery solving game at Katsushika Shibamata-san Memorial Hall, Yamada Yoji Museum and Yamamoto Sakai. A real mystery solving game is a sensational game event where participants actually solve their mystery using their head and body. Let's solve the incident by solving the mystery and code that appear one after another as the protagonist of the story! [Date and time] August 1 (Thursday)-September 1 (Sun) 9:00-17:00 (Final hours of reception: 15:30) Because of the closing day of the facilities, etc., the real mystery solving event will also be closed. [Receiving place] Katsushika Kushimata Kashiwa Memorial Hall (Katsushika Ward Shibamata 6-chome 22nd No. 19) [Participant fee] Junior […]

[We hold “Katsushika course fair 2019” to help course choice after junior high school graduation! ]

[We hold "Katsushika course fair 2019" to help course choice after junior high school graduation! ] [Date and time] August 3 (Sat) from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm (entrance until 3 pm) [Place] Tokyo metropolitan area Katsushika High School [target] junior high school student and protector [portables] Footwear, lower foot bag, participation vote, bag to put document in [application] prior application unnecessary. Please fill in the entry form and bring it on the day. It is a career counseling session by persons in charge of about 100 schools such as Tokyo Metropolitan and private high school. We will explain about school information and entrance exams. In addition, for those who […]

[Sunday, October 6 We will recruit home visit acceptance families! ]

[Sunday, October 6 We will recruit home visit acceptance families! ] Invite foreigners studying at a university in Katsushika Ward, a Japanese language school or a Japanese language class to your home and interact while conveying the "home warmth" of Japan. We will visit Japanese families abroad and recruit families that can cooperate with home visits who experience "living Japanese culture" that can not be known at work or school, such as customs and culture. If you are interested in international exchange, please apply. Even those who are not good at foreign languages are fine! Basically, it will be exchange in Japanese. 【Holding date】 October 6 (Sun) 13:30-(about 3 hours) […]

[Ne Hao! Recruitment of Chinese and Chinese culture contact course students! ]

[Ne Hao! Recruitment of Chinese and Chinese culture contact course students! ] One in four people in the world is said to use Chinese on a daily basis. If you learn Chinese, the world will expand … that's the attraction of learning Chinese. Also, although sightseeing, work, studying abroad … even though the purpose is different, many Chinese-speaking people visit Japan every year, and seeing and hearing Chinese has become a daily sight. This course introduces daily greetings and simple conversations, including pinyin, which is the basis of pronunciation. In addition, we will introduce various Chinese culture. We are looking forward to your application for those interested in Chinese / […]

[We will recruit works for the “Letters and Parents’ Letter Contest”.

[We will recruit works for the "Letters and Parents' Letter Contest". In Katsushika Ward, we set 10th every month as "no television no game day", and we are working on the vacation of television and games, the Internet, and trying to make time for friends and conversation with family. As part of that, I will write “parent and child letter contest” works that share feelings with parents and children by writing on their wishes and family's happy memories. Winners will be announced on the ward official site, and winners of the highest award will also be announced by PR. ○ Eligibility criteria: Elementary or junior high school students and their […]

[To all elementary school students! We raise work of breakfast recipe contest]

[To all elementary school students! We raise work of breakfast recipe contest] It recruits breakfast recipes that elementary school students living in the city or attending school thought at home. The recruitment period is until Monday, September 9, 2012. The 12 winning works will be posted on the "early bed and early morning, let's eat breakfast" and ward homepages. We look forward to your application! http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/kurashi/1000057/1002477/1002674/1011636. html Facebook

Recruitment of Survival Camp participants! ]

Recruitment of Survival Camp participants! ] Why don't you join forces with your camp companions and try on various experiences such as tent nights, cooking, sunshine expeditions, astronomical observations, crafts and more? I want to do more "challenge"! It is recommended for such people. 【Date】 August 24 (Sat)-August 26 (Mon) [Target] Elementary school third to sixth grader [capacity] 40 people (minimum number of people 32 people) ※ In the case of a large number of application, we draw lots. [Application deadline] July 15 (Mon) Postmark valid [Travel price] [within the ward] 32,500 yen [outside the ward] 33,000 yen (tax included) ※ Includes transportation expenses (round-trip bus charges), accommodation expenses, food […]