[Nanzoin is tied up and Jizo’s unraveling memorial service is being held!]

I tied it with a rough rope, and when I made a wish, my wish was fulfilled, and this year I was tied up and Jizo was winding round ◎ Today's New Year's Eve, the rope on which many people's wishes were hanging will be unraveled ❗ From 9 o'clock on New Year's Day, there will also be a "Ki Daruma City" and from 13:00, "Edo Tai Kagura and Lion Dance" will be held. Good year for everyone http://shibararejizo.or.jp/index.html

[A DVD of collaboration examples for the first year of Reiwa has been created]

Including self-government town council, various groups including local group and company, student cooperate with Katsushika City and introduce state that event or sports are excited. We published in ward formula YouTube. Please take a look! (^^)! https://youtu.be/tSsLsMSSYCU We also rent DVDs for free. Please call us if you wish. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1005919/1011434.html [Contact] Policy Planning Division (Phone: 03-5654-8177)

[Finally open tomorrow! Movie “Men’s Hard 50 Return Tora-san”]

The 50th new movie in the series, "Men is Hard 50 Return Tora-san," will be screened at movie theaters nationwide from tomorrow. [Official movie site] https://www.cinemaclassics.jp/tora-san/movie50/ The photograph is from the preliminary screening held in November. Osamu Akimoto, the original author of Kameari Park in front of Katsushika-ku, and Yoichi Takahashi, the original creator of Captain Tsubasa, were invited to talk about his thoughts on "A man is tough" and Tora-san.

[Child Ward Assembly was held in the first year of Reiwa. ]

Children's ward assembly was held in the Katsushika City Assembly plenary hall and committee room on Wednesday, 25th. Approximately 40 children from elementary school fifth grade to junior high school third grade in the ward decided by open call for questions from familiar problem to measure of Katsushika City to the mayor and superintendent of education. This congress is aimed at encouraging elementary and junior high school students to understand parliamentary democracy and increase their interest in ward administration. Each time the interrogator stood at the questionnaire, a large applause was sent from guardians in the auditorium and other children's deputies, who were nervous and steadily asked questions about ward […]

[From today! We are recruiting shoppers for the beauty festival flea market! (^^)!]

We are currently recruiting shoppers for the “Beauty Festival” flea market held in February 2020. Please apply by all means! (Date) February 18 (Tuesday), 1980-10:00 am to 4:00 pm (Venue) Techno Plaza Katsushika (Aoto 7-2-1) (Number of applications) 10 stores (Exhibits) Daily necessities, clothing, etc. (Application method) Telephone (First come first served) (Application) Tokyo beauty life hygiene trade association Katsushika north Branch (Tanaka) telephone 090-3133-4295 (Sponsorship) Katsushika Branch, Katsushika Kita Branch

[Snow camp ㏌ Okunikko 募集 Participant size recruitment! ]

Snow play in Okunikko! Course A is snowshoe hiking, and course B is snow play. Various other programs are also available! Let's play in winter sunlight! (^^)! [Schedule] February 22 (Sat)-February 24 (Mon) 2020 [Target] Course A (3rd to 6th graders) B course (1st to 4th graders) [Capacity] 40 people by lot (minimum 36 people) [Travel price (all including tax)] 34,500 yen (with ward, A course, snowshoe guide) 33,000 yen (within ward, B course) (Outside ward, A course, with snowshoe guide) 35,000 yen (Outside ward, B course) 33,500 yen * Includes transportation costs (round trip bus fee), accommodation costs, meal costs (6 meals), insurance fee, various taxes during the trip […]

[Cooking camp @ recruitment of participants large! ]

Even if you are new to cooking, you can learn how to use a kitchen knife and how to control the fire with your friends. On the last day, everyone has a cooking party. Let's make delicious food together ♪ [Schedule] March 28 (Sat)-March 30 (Mon), 2020 [Target] 1st to 4th graders in elementary school [Capacity] 40 people by lot (minimum 36 people) [Travel price (tax included)] [Inside ward] 32,500 yen [Outside ward] 33,000 yen * Includes transportation expenses (round trip bus charges), accommodation expenses, meal expenses (6 meals), insurance charges, and various taxes during the tax-included process. [Meeting / dissolution place] Katsushika Niijuku Mirai Park (planned) [Accommodation] Katsushika City […]

[Katsushika Contact Run Festa 2020]

Due to popular demand, the entry period has been extended to Sunday, January 5, 2020! In March, when the signs of spring are felt, why not run in a marathon full of gracious "hospitality" such as the public bath service by the local Horikiri Store Federation and cooperating baths! We look forward to your participation! * All entries will be closed on a first come, first served basis as soon as the deadline is reached. Please check the tournament website for entries currently being accepted. http://www.katsushika-fureai-runfesta.jp/