Beware of wire fraud calls! !!

For the purpose of preventing damage from special fraud, we created posters and leaflets in cooperation with Mr. Shinji Hiramatsu , a manga artist living in Katsushika Ward who is famous for works such as "Detective Doberman"! ✨ The damage caused by special fraud is increasing even in the ward. If you have any concerns, talk to someone close to you or the police ? Also, Mr. Hiramatsu "I think the number one cause of fraud is that you can't make calm decisions in a hurry. If you think you're suspicious, stop for a moment and think about it." ? ▶ Ward homepage What #Katsushika

About priority reservation frame for children / students

RT @katsushikacityv : We accept priority reservations for children and students for mass inoculation in the ward. (subject) ・ There is a resident card in Katsushika City 6th grade to 3rd grade of junior high school (12 years old or older on the day of inoculation) ・ One accompanying guardian (Reserve) Call Katsushika City New Corona Vaccine Call Center (03-6625-7453) Please see below for reservation acceptance dates.

“Summer festival in the picture”

From August 23rd to August 29th, a summer festival in the form of displaying pictures was held at Aoto 6-chome Sakura Park. The Aoto Kyowakai, an autonomous neighborhood association in this area, played a central role in this summer festival, which also served as an inspection of disaster prevention supplies in the park's disaster prevention warehouse and learning how to use them.

Katsushika Genki Vegetable Spot Sale

The Katsushika Genki Vegetable Spot Sale is now being held in front of the front entrance of Katsushika City Hall! We are selling fresh vegetables from the ward! It will end as soon as it is sold out, so be quick! #Katsushika #Genki vegetables

Bon dance at home

This year's Furusato Katsushika Bon Festival is looking for Bon Odori videos from the residents of the city. Please feel free to join us! [Recruitment period] September 1st to 30th For details, please see the dedicated website below. A video of Katsushika City Mayor and Katsushika City Tourism Ambassador Shinji Uchiyama is also available! # Katsushika #katsushika

[I’m Aoki, Mayor of Katsushika City] Public Relations Katsushika September 5th issue

The first page of the September 5 issue of the public relations Katsushika is "The Katsushika City Basic Plan (Reiwa 3-12) was formulated." The basic plan is a comprehensive plan that forms the basis for the realization of the basic concept formulated in March. Under the new basic plan, we will create "dream and proud hometown Katsushika" together with the inhabitants of the ward. #I ’m Aoki, Mayor of Katsushika City.