[Katsushika Rugby School appeared in “This is TOKYO”]

The short film “This is Tokyo” will be screened at the “Cinematic Tokyo Program” at the film festival, and is also available online. Katsushika Rugby School, which is active in the Edogawa riverbed, is also appearing, so please take a look at this opportunity ?? ▶ Katsushika Rugby School Official Homepage ▶ "This is Tokyo"

[Katsushika City Central Library] We will open the conference room as a “study room”

We open conference room 1 of Katsushika City Central Library as "learning room" for junior high school students to 18 years old. You can study coolly and quietly with a wider seat than the usual reading room! Please use this opportunity! ◇ Date and time 5th (Sat), 6th (Sun), 13th (Sun), 19th (Sat), 20th (Sun) From 10am to 7:50pm When using it, please cooperate with us to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, such as wearing a mask. For details, please see the Katsushika City Library website.

[<> Tokyo TASK New Product Development Contest will be held! ]

"Tokyo TASK" is an industrial revitalization project that the four wards of Katsushika, Taitung, Arakawa, and Adachi work together. We are currently accepting product applications for the "Tokyo TASK Monozukuri Award," which examines and commends lifestyle proposal products (living goods, daily necessities, etc.) newly developed by businesses in the 4 wards! Winners will be able to win prizes and participate in the Tokyo International Gift Show, one of the largest trade fairs in Japan, for free. In addition, we also offer a "special prize" that allows you to have business negotiation rights with Dinos Cecile Co., Ltd. and Takeya Co., Ltd. ▶ For more information about application qualifications, etc. "Tokyo […]

[Take-out information] “Katsushika no Genki Shokudo”

Takeout information of "Katsushika no Genki Shokudo" is posted in the ward HP and public information Katsushika September 5 issue! The Katsushika Genki Shokudo is a restaurant certified by the ward that provides healthy food services, such as a menu with a well-balanced nutrition, a menu full of vegetables, and an order to refrain from salt. You can easily eat a healthy meal at home. Please use all means. ▶ Easy to take out "Katsushika no Genki Shokudo"

[Katsushika knowledge memo] “Satsumaimo” and “Obesity prevention (biting)”

[Information on food education is sent monthly! -Katsushika Knowing Notes-The theme of the September issue is "Satsumaimo" and "Obesity Prevention (Chewing)". Please take a look. ] ● What is a Katsushika memorandum? These posters and tabletop memos are full of information about food and health. You can see it on the ward homepage as well as on the katsushika's lively food support stores (about 300 places) centered on restaurants and food stores in the ward, ward facilities, etc. *We are also looking for a cheerful food support store in Katsushika! (Contact: Health Promotion Division TEL 03-3602-1268) ▶ Katsushika City homepage

[Published the public information Katsushika September 5 issue]

The first page is "Enjoy Katsushika Genki Vegetables! Katsushika Ward is one of the few 23 wards where agriculture continues. Farmers cultivate safe and fresh vegetables with as little pesticide as possible, such as komatsuna, edamame, eggplant, and broccoli, mainly in the Mizumoto, Okuto, and Takasago areas. At direct sales offices, we hold campaigns such as speed lottery to win shopping tickets and eco bags. Featured in this issue 4th "Cost-free We are looking for a big wedding!" To support the two people who want to have a wedding, we will hold a wedding at a beauty festival. [Schedule] December 1st [Venue] Techno Plaza Katsushika (Aoto 7-2-1) [Target] Two couples […]

Donated an apron and gloves

On Tuesday, September 1, Mitsunaga Building Service Co., Ltd. donated 400 protective aprons and 300 gloves. In the future, we will make effective use of it to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

[Picture book live with daddy]

[Picture book live with Dad-Let's smile with the whole family! Information】 Enjoy reading the picture books and enjoying the wonderful harmony of music. Starring: Tetsuya Ando, Naoto Nishimura, Naoto Tanaka (Papa's picture book project) *Daddy participation is mandatory. Family members such as moms and siblings are also welcome. Date: September 27 (Sun) 2pm to 4pm Venue: Women's Pal (5-27 Tateishi) We are accepting applications for round-trip postcards or electronic applications until 9/10 (Thursday). Please see the link for details. ▶ Ward official website "Picture book live with Papa"

[Temporary special benefits for child-raising households]

[For civil servants who have not completed the application for "temporary special benefits for child-raising households", the deadline for application for Katsushika City is Monday, November 30. ] In order for civil servants receiving child allowances (excluding special benefits) from their agency (workplace) to receive special temporary benefits for child-raising households, an application is required for the municipality in which you live. Please prepare the following documents, fill out and seal the application. (1) Application form with proof of work (please receive from work) (2) Application form for the ward's own addition (can be obtained from the ward homepage) (3) Please paste a copy of your passbook or cash card […]

[Katsushika City Adult Dental Checkup]

We carry out Katsushika City adult dentistry medical examination of the second year of Reiwa as follows. [Consultation period] September 1 (Tue) to December 25 (Fri), Reiwa 2 [Target] Residents living in the ward who will be 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 years old from April 1, 2nd year to March 31, 3rd year of Reiwa [Medical examination method] Cooperation within the ward Dental facility *Reservation required *For details, please see the information enclosed in the consultation sheet. Two out of three in the 40s of Katsushika City residents have periodontal disease (from the results of the adult dental checkup in Katsushika City in the first year of […]