[Distributed KKPTV]

KKPTV (Katsushika Public Information Public Television) introduces events and businesses in the city every Friday with videos (^ ^) / This time, we will announce the impression number ranking of Katsushika City official Twitter regarding the year-end special edition and look back on 2019. (Part 1) Announce the top 2 to 10th places with memories of 2019 https://youtu.be/G_08zSp_IPw (Part 2) Mayor Aoki announces the tweet with the number one impression per year https://youtu.be/5dlxz8ukZuo

[Introducing the activities of the school community supporters! (^^)!]

At Tokiwa Junior High School, a calligraphy teacher from the area was invited on December 21, and a practice session was held at the beginning of the year's annual writing. Twelve students from grades 1 to 3 participated and concentrated. The teacher wrote the example of the name, and the students heard a voice saying, "It's good to participate ~ (* ^^) ♪". The school community supporters are also doing various activities. Please see the activities of other schools from the following URL. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1002477/1002678.html

[We guide various inundation measures that can be done at home in the ward. ]

In order to minimize the damage caused by typhoons and heavy rain, it is important to prepare regularly. In city, we guide various inundation measures that can be done at home. In addition, all sandbag stations in the ward currently store many sandbags. Please use it. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1004031/1020396.html [Inquiry] Adjustment Section (Phone 03-5654-8374)

[A DVD of collaboration examples for the first year of Reiwa has been created]

Including self-government town council, various groups including local group and company, student cooperate with Katsushika City and introduce state that event or sports are excited. We published in ward formula YouTube. Please take a look! (^^)! https://youtu.be/tSsLsMSSYCU We also rent DVDs for free. Please call us if you wish. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1005919/1011434.html [Contact] Policy Planning Division (Phone: 03-5654-8177)

[We broadcast the New Year’s greetings of Mayor Aoki, superintendent of flower education ♪]

● Katsushika FM (78.9MHz) ● * Mayor Aoki's New Year greeting only Wednesday, January 1 9: 00-, 16: 00- ● J: COM ● Wednesday, January 1-Tuesday, January 7 Broadcast times vary from day to day. See the link for details. https://c.myjcom.jp/jch/p/nentouaisatsu.html… * For the broadcast schedule after 18:00 on Thursday, January 2, please click the link "See more". Click "Change area" in the upper right corner of the program search page, select the area as "Katsushika-ku" and press "View more" again, the broadcast schedule time of the year's greeting of the Katsushika area will be displayed .

[Published today! ]

Today, on December 27th (Fri), the fiftieth film, "Otoko is Hard, Tora-san" will be released at theaters nationwide. Whether you have seen it at a preview or a pre-screening event, or if you are looking forward to seeing it in the future, please write your impressions and expectations on Facebook and Twitter and recommend it to the people around you by word of mouth. "Man is painful" has been walking for 50 years, supported by the great love of the audience. One of the best ways to enjoy this movie is to watch it with as many customers as possible in the theater. We are all looking forward to your […]

[Finally open tomorrow! Movie “Men’s Hard 50 Return Tora-san”]

The 50th new movie in the series, "Men is Hard 50 Return Tora-san," will be screened at movie theaters nationwide from tomorrow. [Official movie site] https://www.cinemaclassics.jp/tora-san/movie50/ The photograph is from the preliminary screening held in November. Osamu Akimoto, the original author of Kameari Park in front of Katsushika-ku, and Yoichi Takahashi, the original creator of Captain Tsubasa, were invited to talk about his thoughts on "A man is tough" and Tora-san.

[Child Ward Assembly was held in the first year of Reiwa. ]

Children's ward assembly was held in the Katsushika City Assembly plenary hall and committee room on Wednesday, 25th. Approximately 40 children from elementary school fifth grade to junior high school third grade in the ward decided by open call for questions from familiar problem to measure of Katsushika City to the mayor and superintendent of education. This congress is aimed at encouraging elementary and junior high school students to understand parliamentary democracy and increase their interest in ward administration. Each time the interrogator stood at the questionnaire, a large applause was sent from guardians in the auditorium and other children's deputies, who were nervous and steadily asked questions about ward […]

[“Chatbot” has been added to the “Katsushika City Comprehensive App” function]

It implements two categories of "garbage" and "family register / resident registration" and automatically responds interactively. Please see the link for details on how to download the application. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1006021/1013678.html Katsushika City Comprehensive App sends a wide range of administrative information and living information, such as electronic mother and child handbooks, disaster prevention and crime prevention, e-books for living guidebooks, and communication support boards. There are also functions such as "Captain Tsubasa Statue Tour Stamp Rally" and "Shin Koiwa Monchhichi AR"! (^ ^)!

[From today! We are recruiting shoppers for the beauty festival flea market! (^^)!]

We are currently recruiting shoppers for the “Beauty Festival” flea market held in February 2020. Please apply by all means! (Date) February 18 (Tuesday), 1980-10:00 am to 4:00 pm (Venue) Techno Plaza Katsushika (Aoto 7-2-1) (Number of applications) 10 stores (Exhibits) Daily necessities, clothing, etc. (Application method) Telephone (First come first served) (Application) Tokyo beauty life hygiene trade association Katsushika north Branch (Tanaka) telephone 090-3133-4295 (Sponsorship) Katsushika Branch, Katsushika Kita Branch