[Introducing the activities of the school community supporters! (^^)!]

At the 60th anniversary celebration of Shibahara Elementary School, members of the school community cheering group also participated, and about 40 people performed chorus and live performances with PTA, PTAOB and youth committee members. The video is like that. The School Community Support Team is a system in which schools, homes and communities work together to support school education activities at the request of each school. Various approaches are being taken depending on the region. See the link for details. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1002477/1002678.html

[Four days before the release of “Men is painful 50 Okaeeri Tora-san”! ]

It is only 4 days until the release of "Otoko wa Tsuraiyo 50 Okaeeri Tora-san" on Friday, December 27! I can't wait for the release! At the Tora-san Memorial Hall, a countdown board of Tora Chicchi that indicates the number of days until the release is posted! In addition, the message board in the courtyard is full of hot messages from people who love "man is tough" (..) φ By the way, this board is the third one! It is loved by many people ♪ At “ TORAsan café '' in the Tora-san Memorial Hall, “ TORA Cino '' where you can enjoy the limited time latte art of Tora […]

[Takuya Nakase, a silver medalist at the Beijing Olympics Gymnastics Men’s Group, gave a lecture and a special class at Hosoda Elementary School! ]

On December 19 (Thursday), Takuya Nakase, a former gymnastics representative from Japan, visited Hosoda Elementary School and gave a lecture and an exercise class on gymnastics! From his experience, Nakase told his children that he wanted him to find his favorite things, and that he had a big dream about his own things and wanted him to continue working without giving up.

New Year’s holiday notice (automatic certificate issuance service)

For the maintenance of the equipment, at the following schedule, at the convenience store (Seven-Eleven, Lawson, FamilyMart, Community Store, Ministop) automatic certificate issuing service (copy of resident's card, seal registration certificate, residence tax (special ward tax)・ Certificate of tax (tax exemption) and tax payment certificate) will be suspended. [Stop Dates] December 29 (Sun)-January 4 (Sat) all day, January 13 (Monday / holiday) all day We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. * As for the suspension from midnight to noon on December 24 (Tue) announced in the December 15 issue of the public information Katsushika, the equipment inspection has been postponed, so the certificate at […]

[We hold purpose of life support lecture “brain sports”! ]

Through various board games and card games in each country, you will enjoy the interaction between participants and activate your brain. It is perfect as a chance to create a new hobby ♪ 〇Date and time From Thursday, January 23, 2nd to February 27, Reiwa 6 times every Thursday from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Venue Senior Activity Support Center 4F Training Room (Tateishi 6-38 -11) 〇Applicants 65 years or older living in the ward 〇Capacity: 25 〇Cost: 2,400 yen 〇Application Please apply with a round-trip postcard (December 23 (Mon) deadline). In the case of a large number of entries, it will be a lottery. See Katsushika City website for […]

[Dec. 19 (Thu.) held a commemorative ceremony to open “Kids Future Plaza Kamakura”, which will open from January next year]

A tape-cut ceremony and a show of the Soran Festival by Minami Kamakura Nursery School children, who attended a nursery school in the facility from January 1980, were held. The facility will open on Saturday, January 4, 1942! It can be used widely from pregnancy to high school students. From January to March, an opening event for the general public will be held. Please come by all means! (^^)! [Kids Future Plaza Kamakura] Address 1-7-3 Kamakura, Katsushika-ku Phone 03-3658-1800 (From Saturday, January 4) Main contents Licensed nursery school (Minami Kamakura nursery school), interchange nursery room, multipurpose room, multipurpose hall, consultation room, garden, etc. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1022110/1022091.html

[Distributed KKPTV]

KKPTV (Katsushika Public Information Public Television) introduces events and businesses in the city every Friday with videos (^ ^) / This time we will tell you about the increasing types of influenza and how to prevent it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2J5R7I-0vk (City HP: About announcement of influenza "epidemic advisory" in Tokyo) http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1001797/1021730.html

[December 22 (Sun) “Yuzuyu” at a public bath]

Why don't you take a break with the scent of Yuzu? On December 22nd (Sunday), the winter solstice of 2019, yuzu-yu will be held at the public bath in the city. Yuzu hot water that relieves coldness and coldness. A refreshing and gentle scent that makes you feel the season is attractive ♪ On the day, you can enjoy it at a lower price than the normal usage fee! See the link for details. https://katsushika1010.com/news/2019/12/11/yuzu1912/ (Inquiry) Katsushika City bathhouse association association (3602-1447)