[Public information Katsushika August 5 issue was issued]

The first side is "eco-habit to start today." Increasing the time spent at home tends to increase household waste. A little lifestyle can lead to weight reduction. Featured in this issue 2 to 3 pages "New Coronavirus related information" (2nd side) For businesses affected by the new coronavirus infection Please use the business support telephone consultation (phone 03-3838-5570/weekdays 9am-5pm). In addition, various consultation counters are also posted. (3rd page) We will introduce the 4th supplementary budget for measures against new coronavirus infections. Five sides "we know and prevent heat stroke" This summer, we often go out with masks on, so be careful. 12 "Katsushika Fireworks to Enjoy at Home" The […]

[The monkey was witnessed] (July 30)

A monkey was witnessed near Nishimizumoto at around 16:30 on Thursday, July 30th, but according to information from the police, I entered Saitama Prefecture at around 17:00. In the future, you may return to the ward again, so if you see it, please do not go too close and report it to the police (110). ●Regional Promotion Department Life Safety Division

[Regarding the Earthquake Early Warning]

Today, after 9:30 am, the Japan Meteorological Agency issued an earthquake early warning in the Kanto region, but announced that no strong shaking was observed. In the main ward, the disaster prevention administrative radio was automatically activated and broadcasted in accordance with the Earthquake Early Warning. The cause of the announcement of the Earthquake Early Warning is currently under investigation by the Japan Meteorological Agency. ▶ Japan Meteorological Agency website: http://www.jma.go.jp/jp/quake/

[The shooting of the climbing competition was held! ]

On Saturday, July 25th, using the speed wall of the "Katsushika Toganecho Sports Ground, Sports Climbing Center," an international tournament was held in which athletes from nine countries around the world competed online! Monday, August 3, Japan time 24:00-, International Federation of Sports Climbing (IFSC) Delivered on Facebook and YouTube. Check it out ✨ [IFSC YouTube] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2MGuhIaOP6YLpUx106kTQw

[Application for Katsushika City welfare staff (class II) recruitment is being accepted! ]

We carry out recruitment selection of Katsushika City welfare staff (2nd class) in Reiwa 2 year. ・Work place: nursery school, children's center, child counseling center, temporary shelter, other welfare facilities, etc. ・Recruitment period: As of April 1, 3rd year of reiwa ・Number of people: 30 people ・Deadline: July 31 ( Until Friday ・Application method: Application by mail or bringing to the Human Resources Division * Reception hours are from 9 am to 5 pm ▶For details, please see the linked page .

“This is the kind of classroom where elementary school is”

"This is a place where elementary school teachers and school counselors teach elementary schools like this" will be held on Wednesday, September 16 and Saturday, September 19, 2019. Children who are about to enter elementary school in the 3rd year of Reiwa can also experience elementary school life! The application is until Thursday, August 13. We look forward to your participation! ▶ Katsushika City homepage

[We are accepting employment counseling for those who want to work at a private childcare facility]

Why don't you make use of your ability, qualification, and experience at a private childcare facility in the city? A employment support coordinator is stationed at the Child Care Support Division (4th floor of the ward office). ☆ We will support you until you are satisfied, detailed consultation and until you find the workplace you want! ☆ In addition to job hunting and job change consultations, we will accompany you to visits and interviews in the garden! *For details, please refer to the booklet “Let's work with children's smiles” (PDF). Installation place: Child-rearing support section (No. 401 on the 4th floor of the ward office), ward office general information ▶ […]

[From August 3rd (Monday), we will restart the consultation consultation in the ward counseling room! ]

Face-to-face consultations that have been suspended until now will resume from August 3rd (Monday). Consultation interview phone Video call (partial) You can choose the method you like from the list. Please be assured that we have taken sufficient measures against the new coronavirus infectious diseases based on the practice of "new lifestyle". ▶For more information, please visit this website or contact us. TEL: 03-5654-8612-5 (inhabitant of a ward consultation room)

[Published the public information Katsushika July 25 issue]

The first page of the July 25 issue is "Flowers for Life: Town Development with Many Flowers". "Flower-filled activities" are spreading to decorate the town with flowers and greenery, such as the station square and the roadside. Why don't you take a walk to see the flower beds nearby? There are many healing flower beds all over the city. Featured in this issue 9 pages "New coronavirus related information" Information related to economic and life support is posted. The number of new cases of new coronavirus is increasing again in Tokyo. Please cooperate in hand washing, wearing a mask, and avoiding the "three secrets". 12 pages "Let's prepare for flood […]