Today, from around 11:00 am, J Alert test broadcasts will be held in neighboring ward cities (Edogawa Ward, Adachi Ward, Sumida Ward, Matsudo City, Misato City, Yashio City). Broadcasting may be heard in the adjacent district. For details, contact the local government. (Edogawa City homepage)…/2019/1120/oshirase.html… (Adachi City homepage)…/…/310220j-alert.html (Sumida City website)…/kurasinoan…/J-ALERTSIKEN.html (Matsudo City homepage)…/os…/jyouhoudenntatu.html (Misato City homepage) (Yashio City homepage)…/bosaigyos…/dentatukunren.html

[Himawari Nursery School delivered a handmade calendar for 2020]

The calendar was created with the help of the children (^^) From January to December next year, various origami works were put in place according to the season. Thank you for all the sunflower nursery school ♪ The calendar will be displayed on the corridor in front of the mayor's office. I will use it carefully for the next year.

[Ending soon! Until November 30 “Katsushika no Genki Shokudo” campaign]

For those who brought the “Katsushikano Genki Shokudo 2019 Preservation Version” or the attached sticker mount (copies allowed) to the “Katsushikano Genki Shokudo” campaign implementation store, and prepared meals for the target menu, ① prepared by the shop You can receive service and get ② Seal Rally Seal. further! If you collect and apply seals from three different stores, you will receive an original mini towel. To apply, please mail the seal mount or bring it to a health center or health center. The prize will be sent at a later date. ● “Katsushikano Genki Shokudo” provides healthy food services such as a menu with a good nutritional balance and […]

[You can see the work of Prof. Chiune Fukuda, an honorary resident of Katsushika City at Nitten (Japanese Art Exhibition)]

Nitten is a comprehensive art exhibition that consists of five departments: Japanese painting, Western painting, sculpture, craft art, and calligraphy. [Works by Prof. Chiune Fukuda] Title "Kodojoji Temple" [Holding period] Until Sunday, November 24 (closed on Tuesday) [Venue] National Art Center, 7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku [Admission fee] General 1,300 yen, high school / college student 800 yen Free admission on Friday, November 15th. In addition, there are group charges. For more information, please visit . Katsushika City Honorary Residents…/1000074/1005528.html Please note that some photos are not allowed to be taken.

[A collaborative class between Tokyo Katsushika Senior High School and Katsushika City]

From this autumn, the ward office staff and the community life support coordinator who participated in the “Liberal Arts Society” class participated in this class, together with “What are the challenges faced by the elderly in modern society and what are the solutions?” I had a class to think about. As a summary in the beginning of this month, about 30 students who participated in the class gave presentations for each group. Many ideas to approach an aging society from a young perspective, such as makeup and smartphones, were proposed (* ^ _ ^ *)

[A blind soccer trial class was held at Umeda Elementary School! ]

On Monday, November 25th, 4th grade children conducted a blind soccer trial at Umeda Elementary School! Under the guidance of Shuhei Masuda and Yuto Kojima of the Japan Blind Soccer Association, the children used a blind soccer ball that would make a sound when rolled, and stopped the ball while wearing an eye mask. We had an experience such as shooting a shoot! Katsushika City has signed a cooperation and cooperation agreement with the Japan Blind Soccer Association to stipulate that preliminary camps for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will be held in the city! I'm looking forward to seeing the Japanese national football team at the Tokyo 2020 Games!