[Autumn Trekking Camp Participants Wanted! ]

[Recruitment of autumn trekking camp participants large! ] Let's go trekking to Nikko mountain range in autumn! Take a bus to the middle and challenge Mt. Even beginners are fine ♪ We are waiting for applications such as “I like nature” and “I want to try trekking” (* ^ _ ^ *) [Schedule] Saturday, October 12-14 (Monday) Congratulation) [Target] Elementary school 3rd to 6th grade [Capacity] 30 people by lottery (minimum number of participants 20 people) [Travel Price] 32,500 yen (33,000 yen outside the ward) (tax included) * Includes transportation, accommodation, meals (six meals), insurance, and taxes. [Meeting / Disbanding Accommodation] Katsushika Niijuku Mirai Park (planned) Please check the link […]

[Ordinary Year Home Education Support System] ]

[Recruitment of family education support system for late 1st year] ] Why don't you hold a study session to learn about family education to solve anxiety and worries about raising children? Ward assists instructor reward when holding study meeting. [Examples of study group theme] ◇ Power that you want to acquire before entering elementary school ◇ Net risks and child safety surrounding children ◇ Early sleep, early rise, breakfast ~ Importance of life rhythm ~ Period of study session: From October 15 (Tuesday) to the February 28 (Friday) Ordinance 2 Deadline for application: Friday, September 13 (decree) Please refer to the following link about the theme of becoming group, study […]

[Application accepted until August 22]

[Applications are accepted until August 22] Senior Peer “Listening Volunteer Training Course” will be held twice. Listening volunteers visit elderly homes and facilities where it is difficult to go out and listen to them as a talk partner for elderly people who have trouble or anxiety. Would you like to learn the basics of “listening” and work in the community as a listening volunteer? The date and time: September 19 (Thursday) and 26 (Thursday) 9:30 am-4:30 pm Venue: For Women's Pal, capacity, tuition, etc. Please refer to the link for details. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/event/1000106/1015354.html Facebook

[Environmental Lecture for Elementary School Students “Take Company @ Takara Tomy” was held! ]

[Environmental Lecture for Elementary School Students "Take Company @ Takara Tomy" was held! ] On August 6th (Tue), an environmental course was held at TAKARATOMY to learn about ecology while having fun through eco-friendly toys such as “Eco Toy”! We conducted recycling learning using Pla-rail rail parts made from recycled materials, “Eco Straight Rail,” and experiments to compare energy consumption of beans and LED bulbs using a generator. TAKARATOMY's ingenuity in toys was introduced one after another, and the children who participated were studying eagerly! Facebook

Kameari Rock Festival 2019 is held!

It is a complex event with street performers, performers and dance, and a local Kameari gourmet store opening, with a focus on live music! This year, in addition to regular members such as smell , the metallic hardcore band BLOOD OF THE FALLEN that broke up in 2010 will be revived, as well as Hello Hawk , a former eastern youth, who has been supported by emo / punk / indie fans for many years. Tomokazu Ninomiya (pork cutlet, uIIIn, PANICSMILE) and, such as collaboration with multi-player Noguchi Eiritsu led by MUSQIS, is a lot of interest! [Date & Time] From Sunday, September 29, 11:00 am [Venue] Kameari Lirio Park […]

[Plarail stamp rally is now popular! ! ]

[Plarail stamp rally is now popular! ! ] Plarail stamp rally held in commemoration of the 110th anniversary of Keisei Electric Railway and the 60th anniversary of "Plarail" is being held well (^^) until August 31st (Saturday). Get a complete certificate! Click here for details! https://www.keisei-cp.com/plarail/ The photo is taken when Shinji Uchiyama and former Japanese volleyball representative Maiko Kano visited Tateishi Station during the recording of the publicity program “Katsushika Deshika” the other day! A photo spot “Keisei Itashishi Plarail Station” is open at Kyoseisekiishi Station, and the train approach melody is also an official song for “Plarail” (^^) Facebook

We issued public information Katsushika August 15 issue.

We issued public information Katsushika August 15 issue. One page of the August 15 issue is “Simple cancer screening”. Cost is less than 1,000 yen! You can easily apply by calling Hana Shobu Call (6758-2222), postcard, or the Internet! Early detection and early treatment are important for cancer. Get cancer screenings for yourself and your family. Feature of this issue 8 "Summer Vacation Special Plan Plarail Wakuwaku Park" We will hold an event where you can play with TAKARATOMY Plarail, headquartered in Tateishi. [Date] Sunday, August 25, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm [Venue / Inquiry] Tateishi North Exit District Urban Redevelopment Preparatory Union Office (4-26-2 Tateishi) ☎5672-1596 A corner where […]

[Minna no Tsuji Exhibition] ]

[Minna no Tsuji Exhibition] ] Tomorrow, from August 7th (Wednesday) to 19th (Sunday), the 50th anniversary exhibition of the movie “Otoko Hatsuraiyo” will be held at the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store. Exhibits of valuable materials such as costumes and scripts used in the filming of the movie “Men is hard” and props used in the shooting of the latest movie “Men is hard” Will also be unveiled for the first time! For details, please see the following link. https://www.asahi.com/event/torasanten/ Facebook

[On the Katsushika City official YouTube channel, we have released a disaster prevention publicity program “Early fire extinguishing in the community, learned from the citizen fire brigade”! ]

[On the Katsushika City official YouTube channel, we have released a disaster prevention publicity program "Early fire extinguishing in the community, learned from the citizen fire brigade"! ] You can see it from the following URL. Please take a look! https://youtu.be/ujx7b9-nXHY The program will also be broadcast on Cable TV J: COM (digital terrestrial 11ch)! Broadcast time is every day in August [9 o'clock, 12 o'clock, 20 o'clock]. Facebook

[Special course fourth of Katsushika ward university summer! ! “Sports Prosthetic Foot Supporting Athletes” will be held]

[Special course fourth of Katsushika ward university summer! ! "Sports Prosthetic Foot Supporting Athletes" will be held] The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in 2020. We planned a course to enjoy the tournament more deeply. In the summer special course 4th, you will be invited to give a talk about sports prosthetic legs by inviting the prosthetic limb orthodox Fumio Usui. In addition to seeing the paraathlete players actually run, we will also carry out artificial leg experiences and displays of artificial legs! This is a valuable opportunity to see your prosthetic foot up close, so please join us. [Date] August 31 (Sat) 2 pm-4 pm […]