[Tokyo Governor Election]

It is news from Katsushika City Election Management Committee. Sunday, July 5th, is the day of the election for the Governor of Tokyo . Voting hours are from 7am to 8pm . The Katsushika City Election Management Committee is taking measures to prevent new coronavirus infection and spread within the polling place so that voters can come to vote with peace of mind. If you cannot go to the vote due to an errand on the day of the vote, you can vote early at 8 locations in the ward until 8:00 pm on Saturday, July 4th. Be sure to vote so that you don't waste an important vote. ▶ […]

[Disseminate information about food education every month! ] &# 8221; Zucchini&# 8221; &&# 8221; Wakayama prefecture&# 8221; local series

[Disseminate information about food education every month! -Katsushika kuchikomi memo- The theme for the July issue is "This month's food series "zucchini"" and "local series "Wakayama prefecture"". Please take a look. ] ●What is a Katsushika memorandum? These posters and tabletop memos are packed with information on food and health. You can see it on the ward homepage, as well as at the healthy food support stores in Katsushika (about 300 places) centered on restaurants and food stores in the ward, ward facilities, etc. *Katsushika's healthy food support stores are also being recruited! (Contact: Health Promotion Division TEL 03-3602-1268) ▶ "Introduction to Katsushika Know-how Notes"

[We held a ceremony to conclude an agreement on research related to speeding up issuance of disaster certificates! ]

On Tuesday, June 30, Fuji Xerox System Service Co., Ltd. and Katsushika Ward signed an agreement on research related to speeding up the issuance of disaster certificates. In the event of a large-scale natural disaster such as an earthquake directly below the Tokyo metropolitan area, it is necessary to expedite the issuance of a disaster certificate in order to promptly rebuild the lives of affected residents. In the future, together with Fuji Xerox System Service Co., Ltd., we will collaborate on research aimed at accelerating issuance of disaster certificates using advanced technologies such as AI.

[The Tanabata bamboo decoration is displayed on the flower bed at the south exit of Kameari Station♪]

Until Tuesday, July 7th, Tanabata bamboo decorations are displayed on the flowerbed at the Kameari Station South Exit Bus Rotary! This bamboo decoration is displayed by the members of the "Kameari Flower Balloon Association" who manage the flowerbed, and many strips with wishes written by the members are attached. The flowers are very beautiful with colorful flowers blooming ☆ When you come to Kameari, please take a look (^^♪

[60th Summer Vegetable Fair]

The 60th traditional summer vegetable fair will be held on Thursday, July 2 ! This summer will be held at Techno Plaza Katsushika. The exhibited vegetables will be displayed from 1:00 pm. Please take a look at one of the producer's pride. From 3:30 pm after the end of the fair, we will also sell the fresh vegetables on display (^^)! ▶ “Look and buy! The 60th Summer Vegetable Fair, where producers compete for technology"

[Recommended for those who want to start nursing care! ]

[Living caregiver training] We aim to work at a nursing care service office by taking four days of training to learn the knowledge and skills necessary for nursing care work. (Details) ・Date and time July 21 (Tue), 22 (Wed) 28th (Tue), 29th (Wed) 9 am-5 pm Venue gender equality promotion center (5-27-1 Tateishi) ・Target: About 20 people who are 18 years old or older and wish or are considering working at a nursing care service establishment. *The "living caregiver training" in Katsushika City will be conducted by positioning it as "introductory training on nursing care" established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Those who have completed training may […]

[Video of children’s finishing brushes is now available]

At present, the 10-month-old child's Sukusuku Dental Club and the 1-year-old child's Happy Birthday Sukusuku Dental Checkup are suspended to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections. On the Katsushika City official website, a video of the child's finishing polish is posted. We will tell you how to choose a toothbrush and points on how to brush, so please use it as a reference for your child's finishing brush. ≪Finishing polish video≫ << Ward HP >> http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/kurashi/1000050/1001804/1023756.html

[“Katsushika Mirai Terrace” was held]

Katsushika City authorized product sales event "Katsushika Mirai Terrace" started at Techno Plaza Katsushika 🙌 There are many excellent gems that Katsushika is proud of. It is until 2 pm today ☺️ *Kimono dyeing workshop “Hyo” and Kasho Iwatsuki-san have no plans to open stores today.

[It is Aoki of Mayor Katsushika]

I am at the 15th Katsushika Mirai Terrace. We exhibit and sell "Katsushika Town Factory Story," "Traditional Crafts," and "Katsushika Genki Vegetables." We will take proper measures to prevent infection, and we are holding it today at 12:00 pm at Techno Plaza Katsushika, so please come visit us.