Katsushika Food Festa 2022

Poster of Katsushika food Festa was released. This year's PR ambassador is Nankatsu SC !! ️⚽️ We are currently preparing to hold it at Shinkoiwa Park for the first time in 3 years🏃‍♂️ Information will be updated at any time on the Twitter account of #Katsushika Food Festa @foodfesta ), so please follow us😆🍽 #We release poster of Katsushika food Festa 2022! This poster, which fully draws out the momentum of #Nankatsu SC, the 8th generation PR ambassador, will be posted at exhibitors' stores and ward facilities in the future! https://t.co/FEHgakMFsg #Katsushika Food Festa 2022 #Katsushika

We are looking for vendors for market events!

"Lighting Collaboration Kanamachi" [Schedule] December 17th and 18th, 2020 [Condition] There must be a real store in the Kanamachi area For other details and inquiries, please visit the link below! https://kanalive.wixsite.com/kana/marketshop #Katsushika #Kanamachi

Please use Katsushika Notary Office

You can consult about wills, voluntary guardianship, family trusts, notarized deeds related to contracts, etc. Please make a reservation by phone before coming. Address: 6-1-1 Aoto Asahi Seimei Katsushika Building 2F Phone: 03-6662-9631 (Weekdays from 9:30 a.m. to noon/1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

My number card application deadline has been extended

The application deadline for #my number cards , which are subject to #minor points , is It has been extended until the end of December 2022. You can apply at a ward office or a nearby cell phone shop (Docomo, au, Softbank, UQ, Ymobile) (free photo shoot) If you have an application form, please bring it with you. https://mynumbercard.point.soumu.go.jp/

Nutrition information for September -with milk for daily life-

Milk and dairy products contain the calcium and protein necessary to keep bones healthy. If you are not good at milk, it is also recommended to put it in the dish ✨ There is also a recipe "Bok Choy Milk Chowder" on the ward HP, as well as the impressions of a food education monitor who tried cooking, so please take a look 🤗 https://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/kurashi/1000050/1001795/1001933.html