[We carry out “blood donation”]

There is a shortage of blood due to the effects of the new coronavirus. We will thoroughly implement measures to prevent the spread of infection. Thank you for your cooperation. ● In front of the main entrance of Health Plaza Katsushika January 15th (Friday) 9:30 am to 11:30 am ▶ Ward HP "Request for blood donation at Katsushika Ward Health Center" ● In front of the front entrance of Katsushika City Hall January 15th (Friday) from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm ▶ Ward HP "Blood donation will be carried out on January 15"

[Public information Katsushika January 15 issue issued]

The first page is "Avoid going out more than ever!" In order to prevent the spread of the infection, let's refrain from going out unnecessarily and urgently more than ever, and let's overcome the crisis caused by the new coronavirus infection together! Special feature of this issue: 8th page << Katsushika City certified product spot sale >> Katsushika Mirai Terrace It is a sales event that gathers certified products of industry, commerce, traditional industry, and agriculture made with various ingenuity and enthusiasm. [Date] January 31 (Sun) 10 am-2pm [Venue] Techno Plaza Katsushika (7-2-1 Aoto) ▶ Ward homepage #Katsushika #katsushika

[The deadline is approaching! We are looking for members of “Katsushika City Children and Parenting Conference”! ]

We are recruiting members of the "Katsushika City Children and Child-rearing Conference" until January 15th (Friday) in order to reflect the opinions of those who are raising children in the progress management of business plans related to child and child-rearing support. If you are raising children, please let us know what you think. Application deadline: January 15th (Friday) (must arrive) ▶ Ward homepage Please refer to the application guidelines distributed at the training section window before applying. #Katsushika

[Katsushika employment / change of job fair held]

You can talk directly with the hiring manager of the childcare facility management corporation in the ward, listen to various information, and find a garden that suits you. [Date] January 24th, 1-5pm [Venue] Techno Plaza Katsushika * We take thorough measures to prevent infectious diseases. ▶ For more information Employment / change of job fair homepage please look at.

[About shortening the opening time of the ward library]

In response to the national emergency declaration accompanying the prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infection, Katsushika City Library will take the following measures. (May change depending on future situation) ≪Reduction of opening time≫ From January 8th (Friday), 3rd year of Reiwa, during the state of emergency, the opening hours will be shortened as follows. There is no change in the opening hours for libraries and linked / related facilities that are not listed. [Central Library / Tateishi Library] Opening hours: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm [Lirio Kameari Book Service Counter] Opening hours: 10 am to 7 pm There is no change on closed days. ▶ For more information […]

[Introduction of traditional craftsmanship ♪ “Edo wood sculpture (watermark carving)”]

"Openwork" is a unique technique used for columns in Japanese architecture. This technique, like other Edo wood sculptures, uses a chisel (only) and a sharp knife to finish the surface smoothly without using any files. This time, we will introduce the craftsmanship of Mr. Tadashi Shioda, a traditional craftsman in Katsushika Ward of "Edo wood sculpture" with a video! ▶ YouTube Katsushika Ward Traditional Industry Craftsmen Association Edo Wood Sculpture Openwork Carving Tadashi Shioda ▶ Katsushika Ward Traditional Industry Craftsmen Association Homepage

[We are calling for prevention of the spread of infection on the disaster prevention administration radio]

On January 7th (Thursday), the government issued a state of emergency due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. In the ward, today, at 17:30, we carried out a broadcast to prevent infection by disaster prevention administrative radio. In addition, we patrolled the ward with a public relations vehicle and carried out broadcasting. 【broadcast content】 I'm Katsushika Aoki, Mayor of Katsushika City. A state of emergency was issued as the infection of the new coronavirus spread. Even in Katsushika Ward, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is increasing. In order to protect the precious lives of each and every one of us, let's avoid a large […]

[Mayor Katsutoshi Aoki requested the installation of an elevator at Aoto Bridge]

On Friday, December 25, 2nd year of Reiwa, the mayor of Aoki visited the director of the Nakajima Construction Bureau in Tokyo and requested the installation of an elevator at the Aoto Bridge on Kannana-Dori Avenue. Aoto Bridge has a slope, but due to its long length and large height difference, we have received requests from local residents to install an elevator. Therefore, we requested the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which manages roads, to work on making it more barrier-free by installing elevators.

We hold life care worker training training! ]

Recommended for those who want to do nursing care work from now on! We will take four days of training to learn the knowledge and skills necessary for long-term care work, and aim to work at a long-term care service office. 〇Sunday: January 25th (Monday) to 28th (Thursday) 9:00 to 17:00 〇Venue: Gender Equality Promotion Center 〇Recruitment period: January 4th (Monday) to 15th (Friday) ▶ For details Katsushika City homepage please look at. * The photo shows last year. #Katsushika

[About holiday pharmacy closure]

Regarding the holiday-compatible pharmacies announced in the public relations Katsushika (New Year issue), the holiday-on-duty pharmacies on January 10 (Sun) will be closed. January Holiday Pharmacy ▶ Holiday turntable January (PDF 49.8KB) Opening hours: 9 am to 5:30 pm * The Mito Pharmacy main store, which was scheduled to open on Sunday, January 10, will be closed due to circumstances. #Katsushika