【Happy Halloween! Takara Tomy and Katsushika ku will host a collaboration event! 】

【Happy Halloween! Takara Tomy and Katsushika ku will host a collaboration event! 】 October 31 (Wednesday), Takara Tomy Co., Ltd., Katsushika Tax Office, Katsushika Ward will perform a costume ceremony after Halloween! This year’s disguise theme is sports! Also, we will distribute toys and rice cakes to children who have taken costume! (End as soon as it is gone) Pass around from Keisei stone station to the Takara tomy headquarters and walk down to the Katsushika ward office! (Although it is raining hard, the character may be changed.) We can also take a commemorative photo with the characters, so please join us! * The state of the parade was last […]

Public information The issue of October 25 was issued!

Public information The issue of October 25 was issued! The first side is the “circle of the area spread out from autonomous town council”. The autonomous town association is an organization organized under the common aim of people living in the area “to make their own towns themselves”. We strive to promote friendship among local people, and we are working towards making safe, secure and livable towns. If you would like to “listen to the story”, “who are considering joining” please do not hesitate to contact the Regional Promotion Division (☎ 5654 – 8219). Feature of this issue 5th page “Waste reduction / cleaning fair measles” 【Date and time】 Sunday, […]

“I shine from 65 years old!”    Wouldn’t you like to participate in “movement custom promotion platinum fitness”?    ☆☆ Even together, even one person is welcomed with a married couple and a friend☆,☆.

You can use among the health spa in 9 wards and the club you wish.Improvement of physical strength can be done happily by polite guidance by an instructor! [The contents] A health spa can be chosen from the inside on the movement menu put into effect freely. It becomes kind of an instructor, and the movement menu which fits you is advised. [Target] the person who is more than 65-year-old person of residence in a ward and doesn’t get approval of linchpin support and a need of nursing care [Cost] 6000 yen (Please pay the time of first time by a club for all 12 times.) [Section concerned] senior citizen […]

The 3R experience enjoyed by a parent and child

The event which can be enjoyed by a parent and child in Kameari learning exchange house on February 11 (Saturday and holiday) is performed. By all means, please come! schoolchild limitation  Exchange meeting "or, EKKO bazaar in Kameari" holding of a toy [The date and time] February 11, 2017 (Saturday and holiday) 10:00-12:00 (It’s auctioned from 11:30.) A reception is until 11:30. [Meeting place] Kameari learning exchange house [Target] a schoolchild. [The contents] the toy which wasn’t idle any more is exchanged for other toys. When work of an ecology experience and a reception is done even if a toy won’t be brought, you can participate in an exchange of […]