We are looking for members of “Katsushika City Children and Parenting Conference”! ]

We are recruiting members of the Katsushika City Children and Child-rearing Conference to reflect the opinions of those who are raising children in the progress management of business plans related to child and child-rearing support. Please refer to the application guidelines distributed on the website and at the training section window before applying. ▶ Katsushika City homepage #Katsushika

[It is Aoki of Mayor Katsushika]

happy New Year. At the beginning of today's work, I made a New Year's greeting with the chairman of the Akimoto Ward Assembly on the in-house broadcast. Although it is the New Year greeted by the corona disaster, in 2021 we will continue to work together with the local people to realize "Dream and Proud Hometown Katsushika". #Katsushika City Mayor

[Issued Public Information Katsushika New Year Issue]

We had celebrities related to Katsushika who are active in various fields perform. On page 3, we interview Judo player #Wolf Aaron and swimmer #Katsuhiro Matsumoto about their strength tips and aspirations for this year. ▶ Katsushika City homepage "Public information Katsushika New Year issue" #Katsushika

[# Rika’s favorite town Katsushika] Instagram posting campaign

Why don't you share the charm of Katsushika with Licca-chan? We are running a posting campaign using Instagram! During the recruitment period, please attach a hashtag to the photo using "Rika's favorite town Katsushika AR photo frame" and post it. You will win a wonderful gift by lottery from those who participated in the campaign. We are waiting for many applications. theme: Photographs of attractive Katsushika sightseeing spots that make you want to visit with Licca-chan Application period Reiwa 2nd December 7th (Monday) -Reiwa 3rd January 31st (Sunday) Application method Download Katsushika City official comprehensive app "Kokosil" From "Rika's favorite town Katsushika AR photo frame", get a photo frame by […]

[Katsushika Fureai RUN Festa Entry Now Accepting! ]

This year's marathon event "Katsushika Fureai RUN Festa" was held online. When you enter, there are plenty of plans in addition to the hospitality service unique to downtown Katsushika! There is also a chance to win a sports towel for the participation prize and a limited supplementary prize! Information is continuously posted on the Katsushika Fureai RUN Festa official page, which is the source of the post, so please like it!

[Received the award from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for “Kisaragi Junior”]

Katsushika City volunteer group "Kisaragi Junior" received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's commendation for "Lifelong Learning Support Activities for Persons with Disabilities". The organization started its activities in 1985, and for the next 35 years, it has been awarded for its activities to enjoy basketball, floor hockey, and hip-hop regardless of disabilities.