[Distributes KKPTV]

KKPTV (Katsushika Public Information Public TV) introduces the events and businesses in the city on Fridays every Friday (* 'ω' *) From 3:00 pm on November 22, "Katsushika Healthy Food" Introducing “Nurture Fair 2019”! https://youtu.be/c2ZQFYucC0E (Event HP) http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/event/1000107/1022075.html

[Would you like to join the school community cheering group at Kinegawa Elementary School? ]

At Kinegawa Elementary School, a school community cheering group of local residents conducts activities such as the maintenance of schoolyard lawns. Please contact Kinegawa Elementary School if you wish to participate. (Kinegawa Elementary School TEL03-3692-8261) In addition, other elementary and junior high school school community cheering groups are being recruited from time to time! For details, such as activity contents, please see link. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1002477/1002678.html

[Recruiting staff with childcare leave alternative term (nursery teachers / child guidance)! ]

There is no upper age limit for eligibility. Do you not utilize your childcare person qualification in Katsushika City? Also, if you know someone who has a childcare certificate, please let us know. 《Workplace》 City nursery school and children's building 《Planned recruitment date》 Varies depending on the selection date 《Terms》 Approx. 6 months to less than 3 years 《Application form distribution location》 Human Resources Division, Human Resources Development Division (5-27-1 Tateishi Women's) Pal), ward office, ward service corner, library, learning exchange hall * Downloadable from the website. 《Application method》 Mail or bring the prescribed application form to the Human Resources Division. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1006505/1011607.html

[November 21 ♪ Laughter and Health Course ♪]

A “Laughter and Health Course” will be held at the Shinkoiwa District Center 4F Hall from 3:00 pm (Thursday) November 21 (Thursday). Raku Tachikawa-sensei will tell you about the importance of laughter and health at “Healthy Took”, a health seminar with plenty of gags. free entrance! First 100 people! Please come by all means ♪ http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/event/1000107/1014050.html

[“What kind of disease is stomach cancer?” IMS Tokyo Katsushika General Hospital open lecture]

On November 22 (Friday) from 14:00 to 15:00, a public lecture "What kind of disease is stomach cancer?" Will be held at the Shinkoiwa District Center. A laparoscopic surgery that is kind to the body, diet and nutrition of the person who cuts the stomach, Skills gastric cancer, Helicobacter pylori infection, and the latest diagnosis to new treatment strategies will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner. If you wish to participate, please make a reservation. Reference: 5670-9901

[The 62nd Mandala Visiting Party] is held! ]

Date: November 23 (Saturday, National Holiday) Reception / 6:30 pm Start / 7:00 pm Place: Kamakura Hachiman Shrine Office (4-15-23 Kamakura) Capacity: Approximately 80 people * First come first served basis. Please come directly to the venue. Performers: Sanyutei Sakujaku Master and 2 others Membership fee: 500 yen Inquiries: (One company) Katsushika City Tourism Association Kamakura Branch (TEL: 03-3672-2046) Department in charge: Tourism Division http://www.katsushika-kanko.com/news/updates/post_2288.php

[November 28th (Thu) Adolescent Lecture “Rebellion? Illness or Disability? Adolescent Adolescent Problems and Mental Disorders 2 ~ Net Dependency, LGBT, Family Mental Health ~~]”

Do you have trouble dealing with adolescent children? A doctor will be invited to talk about the heart and illness of adolescent children. Advance application and acceptance. ● Date and time November 28 (Thursday) 10:00 am to 12:00 am ● location Kanamachi Health Center Health Promotion Hall ● application and inquiry Kanamachi Health Center (☎ 3607-4141) ● We look forward to the participation of family members, supporters, and interested parties http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1001792/1016226.html

[Katsushika hometown karuta app is now available! ]

"Katsushika native karuta" has been added to the new function of the "Katsushika City Comprehensive App". You can actually go to places related to KARUTA's tags and get a photo frame only for those places by answering the quizzes related to the cards at each place! Also, if you complete all 44, you will receive original goods! Please use it for city walks and local studies! See the link for download instructions. http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1006021/1013678.html [Inquiry] Lifelong Learning Division 03-5654-8475

[We will hold “Thinking from Child Abuse-What Society has Forced Families”]

Inviting Mr. Haru Sugiyama, a reporter, to discuss the background and background of child abuse that we have seen from interviews. I think about what has been requested of Japanese families, what is the role of women there, what the future society should be, and what we can do. Date: December 7 (Sat) 14: 00-16: 00 Anyone interested in the theme can participate. Participation fee is free. First 50 people. Accepted by telephone or electronic application. There is childcare (1 year old or older) http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/event/1000106/1021878.html

[We hold garbage weight reduction, cleaning fair Katsushika! ]

From 10:00 am on Sunday, November 3, 1980, a “garbage reduction / cleaning fair Katsushika” will be held at the Katsushika Incineration Plant. Enjoying garbage reduction, recycling, and cleaning work, such as “Cleanup Factory Tour”, “Zeroing Hero Show”, “Secondhand Book Market”, “Flea Market”, “Skeleton Garbage Roller” Lots of events to learn! There will also be performances by booths selling yakisoba, pork soup, baked goods, rice balls, meat buns, Koda Elementary School brass band, Iizuka Elementary School brass club, and Katsumi Junior High School brass band. Please come (^^) [Date / time] November 3, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm (Rainy weather / stormy weather cancellation) [Venue] Katsushika Incineration Plant (Mizumoto 1-20-1) […]