Dental checkup for pregnant women

During pregnancy, oral troubles such as cavities and gingivitis are more likely to occur due to changes in hormonal balance and increased frequency of eating and drinking due to lack of tooth brushing and morning sickness. You can receive a free dental checkup once during your pregnancy. Maintaining good oral health can help prevent tooth decay in babies .

Add a little extra to your usual stay!

A pizza making class will be held under the guidance of the school staff. Experience making dough from powder and starting a fire using firewood. Finally, let's bake pizza in a special drum can oven! Venue: Nikko Rinkan Gakuen, Katsushika Ward #Katsushika

[Conversation] Mr. Fischer’s Silk and director Yoji Yamada

Oh my God!! ️ Katsushika tourism ambassador Fischer's Silk and director Yoji Yamada, an honorary resident of Katsushika Ward, had a conversation✨ #Katsushika Ward Honorary Citizen #Katsushika Tourism Ambassador#Katsushika Ward #Shibamata Click here for details ↓ I was able to meet the world-famous director Yoji Yamada by watching the video of Tora-san becoming a tourism ambassador for Katsushika Ward!! ️ I was happy to hear Mr. Atsumi's story✨ #Otoko wa Tsuraiyo #Fisher's

Osteoporosis preventive examination

[Osteoporosis preventive examinations will be carried out for the prevention and early detection of osteoporosis] ・ Targets are female residents aged 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, and 70 as of March 31, 2023.・Medical examinations are available at 26 medical institutions in the city. For details, please see the ward homepage.

About procedure of mainapointo

If you already have a My Number Card, You can apply for Myna Points until the end of February 2023. Currently, the Myna Point procedure corner at the ward office is very crowded, and there is a waiting time of several hours, so please come at a different time. #Katsushika #My number card

Fire brigade inspection training by Kanamachi and Honda fire brigade

On September 11, Kanamachi and Honda Fire Brigade fire brigade inspection training was held at Mizumoto Park. During the drill, activities in collaboration with local residents, gathering information using tablets, and simultaneously spraying water on the fire site were demonstrated. The rainbow after the water discharge was met with cheers from the visitors. I look forward to working with you to help Katsushika Ward continue to live a safe and secure life. #Katsushika