“Is this a normal marital relationship?”

On November 24th (Wednesday), we will hold a lecture "Marital relationship is normal? This is also DV! Mobbing at home-Patience is not a virtue". It may be a domestic violence, which you usually feel at home. Learn how to protect your heart and communicate properly. Please see the link for details. https://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/event/1000106/1027214.html # Katsushika #DV # Morahara # marital relationship

[I’m Aoki, Mayor of Katsushika City] Tora-san Summit

Today and tomorrow is # Shibamata at # Tora-san Summit 2021 held ??✨ This year, 24 regions, the largest number ever, participated ❗️ There are lots of fun events such as selling special products and Fukubiki events ✨ Please come to Shibamata ♪ http://torasan-summit.jp #I'm Aoki, Mayor of Katsushika #It's Tough Being a Man #Tora-san Summit #Katsushika

Let’s go! Katsushika’s Genki Shokudo

At Katsushika's Genki Shokudo, you can choose a menu with a good nutritional balance, a menu where you can get vegetables, and you can use healthy food services. Healthy food services include those who want to eat vegetables, those who want to save energy, and those who want to save salt. Please see the Katsushika City homepage for details. https://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/kurashi/1000050/1001796/1023864/1016979.html # Katsushika # eateries

Dietary ideas to prevent diabetes

[The 19th of every month is Shokuiku Day! November nutrition information] An article about diabetes prevention, "Dietary ideas for calming blood sugar levels," is posted on the ward's homepage. Ward official website "Let's learn nutrition information at home" https://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/kurashi/1000050/1001795/1001933.html #Food education #Dietary habits

School lunch report: Yotsugi small Akita Kazu’s lunch

On November 11th, Kiritanpo Day, we received ingredients from Kazuno City, where we have a small exchange with each other, and provided "Akita Kazu's lunch". The first grader who ate Kiritanpo for the first time was overjoyed, saying, "It was all delicious!" And "I want to eat it again!". # Katsushika # lunch # nutritionist # heir small # Kazuno

“14th Katsushika Contemporary Calligraphy Exhibition”

The "14th Katsushika Contemporary Calligraphy Exhibition" will be held at the Katsushika Symphony Hills Gallery from Saturday, November 20th to Friday, November 26th. In addition to exhibiting about 40 calligraphers related to Katsushika and materials such as the history of Katsushika calligraphy, various events will be held. Please check the website for details. https://www.k-mil.gr.jp/bunka-souzou/event/gendaishoten.html #Katsushika

Winner of the “Lucky Street Melon Raising Team” Semi-Grand Prix!

At the "16th Tokyo Shopping Street Grand Prix" sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the event "Lucky Street Melon Raising Corps" in the Horikiri Lucky Street Shopping Street in Katsushika Ward won the second prize. The event is in full bloom from July to August, so be sure to visit the shopping district at that time. # Katsushika # Horikiri # Horikiri lucky shopping street # Sachinoba

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