Captain Tsubasa characters are here!

Characters of #Captain Tsubasa drawn by Mr. Yoichi Takahashi appear on the poster of the National #High School Soccer Tournament ⚽ This year's poster, which will be the 100th tournament, is a large collection of characters from popular soccer cartoons of all time. Even in Katsushika City, posters will be posted mainly at physical education facilities! Please look for it ⚽?

You can read while listening with your ears! “Katsushika City basic concept”

We have created a video that allows you to read the Katsushika City Basic Concept (established in Reiwa 3rd year) while watching the screen and listening to it with your ears. Please watch it! We hope that you will relax and read while listening to the long-term future vision, philosophy, and basic directions for its realization. <Page of Katsushika City Basic Concept (established in Reiwa 3rd year)> You can download Katsushika City basic concept book (PDF version). https: // /…/1026642/index.html # Katsushika read while listening at # ear # Katsushika basic concept

“This is the kind of classroom where elementary school is”

"A classroom where an elementary school is like this by a former principal and a school counselor" will be held on November 19th (Friday) and November 27th (Saturday). Children who are about to enter elementary school in the 4th year of Reiwa can also experience elementary school life! Application is until October 5th (Tuesday). # Katsushika #katsushika

Let’s post the “Bon Odori at home” video!

Shinji Uchiyama, Katsushika Tourism Ambassador, participated! In addition to the demonstration of Katsushika Ondo, he also talked about his memories of the Bon Festival. Please see Mr. Uchiyama's video from the dedicated website below. Video recruitment is until September 30th! We look forward to your contributions. # Katsushika #katsushika

Yoji Yamada’s birthday

Today is the birthday of director Yoji Yamada , an honorary resident of Katsushika City! And it is also the year of the 60th anniversary of the movie director's life ✨ #Katsushika Shibamata or the movie #Otoko wa Tsuraiyo is the setting for the series and is Tora-san's hometown. We are all waiting for #Tora-san , who is still loved all over the world, to return. #My recommendation Yoji Yamada's work / #Yoji Yamada's birthday commemoration ? Let's talk about your favorite director Yamada's work! Today 9/13 is #Yoji Yamada's birthday ? And the 60th anniversary of the movie director's life! Let's post your memorable director Yamada's work with the […]

We have a backup site for the ward homepage

The ward has a backup site for the ward homepage in case it is difficult to connect to the ward homepage. The ward homepage and the backup site look exactly the same, only the URLs are different. Let's register it as a favorite in case of a disaster. Backup site URL ▶

October 11th is International Day of the Girl

In connection with this day, we will hold "Girls' Now-Sekai and Nippon" as "International Girls Day Project"! We are waiting for the participation of teens and 20s. Participation with friends and couples is also welcome! # Katsushika #Katsushika # Girls Day

Broadcast contents of disaster prevention administration radio

The state of emergency for the new coronavirus has been extended. In the ward, the broadcast contents of the disaster prevention administration radio will be changed as follows from 16:30 on Monday, September 13, 3rd year of Reiwa. * For details, please check from the link below. # Katsushika #Katsushika # disaster prevention administrative radio