[We hold Katsushika environment, tree planting fair 2019! ]

[We hold Katsushika environment, tree planting fair 2019! ] On June 9 (Sun) 10:00 to 16:00, Techno Plaza Katsushika "Katsushika Environment and Afforestation Fair 2019 will be held ♪ Familiar creatures while enjoying games and quizzes using" Katsushika Living Card " It is an event that you can learn about sorting of garbage and so on. There is also a lottery where you can use a lot of things that can be used as gifts from among the things that are thrown out as oversized trash, and a corner where you can take a photo with Lee! Please come to play by all means (# ^. ^ #) http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/event/1000107/1017992.html Facebook

We raise “62nd Katsushika City sightseeing photography contest” works

We are looking for "62nd Katsushika City Tourist Photography Contest" works. We look forward to your application. [Target] Only for amateurs [Target work] Photograph expressing the charm of "Katsushika ward" such as nature, historical landmarks and festivals (A or four-color or black-and-white or four-color wide for color or black and white. Do not combine photos or panoramic photos) [Application ticket distribution place] Techno Plaza Katsushika (Aoto 7-2-1), ward office general information, ward office, ward service corner, district center, library, Tsubakisan Memorial Hall (Shibamata 6-22-19) ※ We start distributing ward office general guidance from Monday, June 10. 【Application method】 We paste predetermined application ticket on the back of photograph and bring […]

[Katsushika Sakai Festival has started! ]

[Katsushika Sakai Festival has started! ] From May 27 (Mon) to June 16 (Sun), the Katsushika Sakai Festival is being held at Horikiri Gion and Sumimoto Park! You can enjoy about 200 species 6,000 shares in Horikiri Gion, and about 100 species 14,000 shares of flower buds in Mizumoto Park! Currently, both venues are still about 1 minute full bloom, but in Horikiri Gion in early June, in Mizumoto Park, around mid June will be in full bloom ♪ June 7 (Fri), 8 (Sat) 19 o'clock-21 o'clock, we will light up the groom at Horikiri Gion! Night flower lanterns illuminated by pale light show a different expression from daytime, are […]

[I uploaded the recording video of Shibamata projection mapping]

[I uploaded the recording video of Shibamata projection mapping] As a commemorative event of "Katsushika Shibata" important cultural landscape selection, we uploaded the image of the projection mapping carried out in Shibamata Teishin in March this year to the ward official YouTube channel. Please enjoy music and video that express Shibamata history and culture (^ ^ ♪ #shibamata #katsushika # Shibamata # Katsushika Shibamata https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yucBSUG8eSI Facebook

【The 28th Katsushika Artist Exhibition is being held until May 26 (Sun)】

【The 28th Katsushika Artist Exhibition is being held until May 26 (Sun)】 It is sponsored by Katsushika City Art Society, and is held until Sunday, May 26 in Katsushika Symphony Hills (6-3-3 Tateishi, Katsushika Ward). Art paintings and sculptures by art society members and 43 craft works and 6 works by Katsushika young art competition winners are on display. At the same time, the permanent exhibitions at public facilities such as Katsushika Ward Office, Katsushika Symphony Hills and Shinjuku Mirai Park were replaced. How about feeling art in a familiar place (^ ^ ♪ Date: May 26 (Sun) Time: 10 am to 6 pm (last day until 5 pm) Venue: […]

[The first flower of a rose bloomed in Horikiri Gion! ]

[The first flower of a rose bloomed in Horikiri Gion! ] On May 17th (Friday), the first flower blossomed in Horikiri Gion. What bloomed is "Kamomari", an Edo-style old flower in the 5th field, and it has purple petals on a white background and is characterized by three petals. A woman who visited Horikiri Gion said, "I am glad to have arrived at the moment when the first flower blooms. Because even one wheel is beautiful, I am looking forward to seeing it." The flower garden in the park will be in full bloom from the beginning of June. 【Horikiri Garden (Horikiri 2-19-1)】 ○ Open hours 9:00 am to 5:00 […]

【The 12th Katsushika Brand “Katsushika Machi Factory Story” Story Manga Issued! 】

【The 12th Katsushika Brand “Katsushika Machi Factory Story” Story Manga Issued! 】 “Katsushika brand” Katsushika Machi factory story “that certifies excellent products / technologies created by the town factory in Katsushika Ward as regional brands. We published a new story comic book that summarizes episodes related to products / technology and birth announcement etc today! We are distributing it in the following places, so please have a look ♪ Please see also on the official website of “Katsushika Machi factory story” so please enjoy it together (* ^ _ ^ *) https: // www. tokyo-cci.or.jp/katsushika/machikoba/ 【Distribution location】 · Katsushika Ward Office (Tateishi 5-13-1) 3rd Floor District Ward Informational Corner · […]

Monchhichi of the Hinamatsuri version appears for a limited time on Shin-Koiwa Monchhichi AR!

Below map ① From February 21 (Thu) to March 3 (Sun) in Shinchoiwa station north exit area, the following map ② In the Shinchoiwa station south exit area from February 17 (Sun) through February 17 (Sun) from 3 Connected to the Katsushika District Public Wireless LAN ” Katsushika_Free_Wi-Fi ” during the period until Monday 3 (Sunday), open the “Shin-Koiwa Monchhich AR Function” in the Katsushika-ku Comprehensive Application, and together with the Dolls’ Festival version of Monchhichi You can shoot. As it is an appearance for a limited time, please come to Shinkoiwa during the period and enjoy photographing with the Hina Matsuri version of Monchhichi! (Notes) Below the map ③ […]

【From Saturday, February 16 (Sat), “Exhibition” Toshika Local Karuta original picture exhibition “starts! 】

【From Saturday, February 16 (Sat), “Exhibition” Toshika Local Karuta original picture exhibition “starts! 】 Forty-four “Toshika Local Karuta” which made Kagoshima’s charm a picture card was produced by Masaki Tatsumi, a worldwide cutting painter. In the original exhibition, you can taste the splendor of the original painting with a larger size than the one of Karuta’s tags. It is a museum of local and astronomy, and it is held until March 17th (Sunday). Please visit us ♪ For details, click here http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/kurashi/1000058/1002752/1019431.html Facebook