[“Library x Kodan +” Chapter 7 “Value Money! Tsukiki-kai” held! ]

Mr. Sadaka Ichiryusai, a lecturer, talked about the story of Momoyama about the moon. (Transfer of the lecture on October 12 that was canceled due to the typhoon) [Speech] Sadaka Ichiryusai (Standing Director, Kodan Association) [Date and time] November 30 (Sat) 2:00 pm performance (1:30 open) [Venue] Large decoration room on the 2nd floor of Kameari Library, Kazari Ward [Target] 50 or more students (first-come-first-served) [Others] Free admission https://www.lib.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/000000…/article.html

[J: COM “Local Saturday” audience gift planning in progress! (^^)!]

J: COM Wonder Studio is presenting a program to send out local information nationwide “~ Weekly City Promotion ~ Local Saturday ♪”. Katsushika City will record this weekend for the December 7th broadcast! Prior to that, your local specialties hits # over I like this town ! We are holding a campaign. Assortment of Katsushika's famous products, about 10,000 yen worth is presented to each 3 people! We are looking for a message full of love here! I like this city from Twitter! Post a message with! Or apply for a message from the program website (..) φ Memo Memo (program website) https://c.myjcom.jp/jtele/goto-sata/#introduction (Campaign website) https://c.myjcom.jp/user/present/jtv-20190321-gts.html

[The medalist of swimming is coming to NPO Koya’s Enjoy Club “Sport Festa 2019”! ]

■ Date and time: Sunday, November 24, 9:15 am opening (entry starts at 8:45 am) ■ Venue: Former Kodano Elementary School (Horikiri 4-60-1) ■ Participation is free “Sports Festa 2019” is a free sports event that anyone can participate in. There are performance booths for various programs and children's performances such as cheer dance. Recreational competitions such as bread eating races are scheduled in the afternoon. In addition, this year, Mr. Yoshimi Murayama, Junichi Miyashita, and Natsumi Hoshina who participated in the past Olympics will be invited to hold the “Medalist Talk Show” We look forward to your visit! http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/…/100…/1002753/1021773.html

[There is also in Katsushika City! ? Ethiopia Exhibition]

At the University of Tokyo Science University, which has a campus in Kanamachi, there will be an exhibition on the life, problems, fun and rich Ethiopian culture of Ethiopians living in the area! There will also be a talk event about Ethiopia from the perspective of four people, including basic knowledge, coffee, technology, and clothing (^^) <Date and time> Saturday, November 23, 10: 00-17: 00, Sunday, November 24, 10: 00-16: 00 "Venue" 7th Tokyo University of Science Katsushika District University Festival Lecture Building 609 classrooms https://www.ed.tus.ac.jp/katsufestival/ Click here for the Facebook page of the Ada Ababa Ethiopian Society https://www.facebook.com/events/2505724686371582/

We issued public information Katsushika November 25 issue.

One side of the November 25 issue is "Have you been doing it? Public Relations Section staff conducted a questionnaire on manners violations to 100 residents on the street. As a result, most respondents answered “Walking cigarettes”, followed by “While smartphone,” “No littering,” “Bicycle rules and manners violations,” and “Pet manure”. Tobacco cigarettes and littering are prohibited by law. In addition, bicycle accidents are frequently occurring in the city due to violations of manners. Let each person follow the manners and rules and create a comfortable town. Special issue of this issue 12 shimmering city Shin Koiwa Illumination [lighting date and time] December 6 (Friday)-Oryo 2 February 29 (Saturday) ・ […]

[“Horikiri” noodle “Grand Prix 2019” will be held! ]

From November 23rd (Sat) tomorrow, the “Horikiri“ Noodles ”Grand Prix” will be held, with 15 stores involved in ramen, pasta, udon and noodles around Horikiri Gion Station. (Participation method) When you order noodle dishes at a pamphlet store, you will receive one ballot. Please write the name of the store you ate. From the group table on the pamphlet, please fill in anticipating the group that will win the most votes. Prize winners will be given by lottery from those who guess! (^^)! https://shitamachi-bar.com/horikiri/

[November 21 ♪ Laughter and Health Course ♪]

A “Laughter and Health Course” will be held at the Shinkoiwa District Center 4F Hall from 3:00 pm (Thursday) November 21 (Thursday). Raku Tachikawa-sensei will tell you about the importance of laughter and health at “Healthy Took”, a health seminar with plenty of gags. free entrance! First 100 people! Please come by all means ♪ http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/event/1000107/1014050.html